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Australia's government system is being reviewed.. Councils ? May be illegal

This is about Australia.. We have a constitution also
The art of parking fines?? Issues by what are intact illegal governments ??

Very fascinating where this fact may lead????

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The Proposed 2013 Referendum: Danger Ahead 
by Nick Robinson – 26th Feburary 2013

Under this scenario the Australian Constitution is completely irrelevant and our new steering groups become the likes of the MAV whose role is to infuse United Nations policies for profit .
Note: The following article is a reprint with permission from Mike Holt from http:.//www.restoreaustralia.org.au.
A third tier of government – local government – is not provided for under the Commonwealth Constitution. The Commonwealth Constitution clearly states that there are to be only two levels of government – Federal and local. The local government that the Commonwealth Constitution refers to is State government, as discussed in in "The Annotated notes of the Australian Commonwealth Constitution” by Quick & Garran. Wherever “Local Government” is mentioned, it is actually referring to the State. This is about how “local” Local Government gets. Local Councils have planted the seed / idea that they are “Local Government” and this seems to have been accepted as a national truth, but it is a national lie. Local Government is the State.

The Commonwealth Constitution is written in such a way that dictates that which is not specifically allowed for or provided for is denied. As the Commonwealth Constitution does not specifically say that “State governments can create a 3rd level of government underneath them” then they cannot.
At Federation all the colonies were given a choice as to whether they wanted to join the Commonwealth or not. When they agreed to do so the colonies became subject to the Commonwealth Constitution.
Various local councils will argue that the State Constitution allows them to make any Laws or Acts they want to for the “peace, order and good governance of the people”. That’s fine as they do have that right, but not if it conflicts with the Commonwealth Constitution (the establishment of a 3rd tier of local government would do so). 
In 1974 and again in 1988, a Referendum was held to try and alter the Commonwealth Constitution to recognize local councils as a level of local government – both of these Referenda failed. In 1988, the question was asked if we would agree to alter the Commonwealth Constitution to allow for the establishment or continuance of a system of local government. We voted a resounding “No”!
Although the Referendum was specifically called as an attempt to alter the Commonwealth Constitution, the Voice of The People was clearly expressed – we did not want a system of local government, we only wanted what the Commonwealth Constitution provided for, two levels of Government: Federal and State. 
In Victoria in 1989 – the year after we voted “no” in the 1988 Referendum (and a few years later in most other States) the State Parliaments unlawfully and without the power to do so, enacted various “Local Government Acts” which they incorrectly believe give local councils the authority to operate as a level of local government and therefore, issue fines and the like.
These so-called Local Government Acts are invalid (which raises questions that any fines, forfeitures or the like resulting from them are without legal force or effect). Quite simply councils operating as a 3rd tier of Local Government is not provided for under the Commonwealth Constitution and therefore they can not do it.
The proof of this can be very easily seen in their latest push for a third Referendum to try and have local government recognized under the Commonwealth Constitution. Here is their latest attempt: http://alga.asn.au/?ID=8935
This year they have twisted it around to specifically note “financial recognition” but rest assured it is the same issue just dressed up in different government propaganda. Do not let them get away with it – make sure that the third round is not lucky for them. 
We urge you to ask yourselves and your Members of Parliament these questions: 
1)   If Local Government was already provided for under the Constitution – which it would have to be for State governments to give them the power of a “government” – why would they bother trying to issue a 3rd Referendum? 
2)   If the State Constitutions already allowed the various State Parliaments to make local councils operate as levels of local government, again, why the need for the Referendum? Why is the recognition of Local Government so important? 
So then, why do Local Councils suddenly have such a huge itch to be recognised constitutionally? And more specifically, why are they asking for financial recognition only? It all sounds minor doesn’t it? Well let’s look at this from a different perspective and see the extreme danger we are facing. 
In the 1988 Referendum the question asked was “To alter the Constitution to recognise local government.” It did not ask if we wanted Local Councils to be recognised as Local Government and confer some of the powers of the State to Local Councils, but rather it asked if we wanted to confer powers of the State to Local Government. That might not seem like a big deal at first, so let me elaborate by explaining. 
The referendum question was not actually a question, but was in fact and in a legal sense a National Statement / Notice to the public. The Notice being that Local Councils are Local Government – being what? That’s right, a state. So when the question follows – “Do we want to give Local Government or confer to Local Government the powers of the State?” in fact your response is irrelevant because if you have already accepted that they are Local Government and then they already have the powers of the State as no-one challenged the question.
This is why they are able to make laws at will and at times seem to have more powers than the State and cannot be controlled by the State – because they have all the powers of the State. They are the State, but they don’t have any of the “burdens” of recognising our rights and none of the restrictions laid down in our Constitution for the existing States. 
“Financial recognition” is the last loophole they need to legitimise and consolidate their power. How? Our Constitution only allows direct Federal funding to the States. Only the States can receive direct federal funding. If we allow Financial recognition of Local Councils, which we have now tacitly accepted as being Local Government (a State) and then we add to this Financial Recognition (a right only conferred to States) this will close the final gap in legitimising themselves as a “mini” States. 
We are at a crossroads so let’s get a glimpse of our future if we don’t wake up! 
Local Government becomes our new State. Not in its title, but in every other way. 
We end up with 520 “mini” States or 520 mini Governments (that’s how many councils we have).  
They will all have the power of the States, but no accountability or oversight of the current States usurping your sovereignty along with the few rights we have left.
Our mini States could then amalgamate into one State creating one Super-State (the State of Australia as it were).
Under this scenario our Constitution is now completely irrelevant and our new steering groups become the likes of the MAV whose role is to infuse United Nations policies for profit (see the link below for the Municipal Association of Victoria, a private Local Council Membership organisation that looks to the United Nations for policy direction which it then implements through Local Councils including Agenda 21, see below). 
Having achieved a “uniform” Government and people being used to this idea; Australia now being a “Super-State”, then the question of who is Australia a Super-State of? Or more specifically, which Government are we a Super-Sate of? 
At this point, we will be well positioned to become a State of “The World” or the One world Government. 
What will follow is a One World Currency. Banks across the globe have been pushing for this for the last few decades, although their experiments have not gone completely to plan (see the shambles the EU is in). 
I cannot stress the importance of making noise about this and lots of it! We have to ensure that we keep the government’s mitts off our constitution.
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2. Pirates of The Suburbs – Destroying Communities – Early January 2013: How Local Councils are a law unto themselves and are stripping communities of their wealth, their dignity and their rights. This video represents the blatant arrogance and the usurpation of the rights of it’s constituents by Local Councils in Australia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4Lnze7O22g

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