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Box Hill Sth, Australia

Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...

You can feel it if you focus on it.

Just a thought I just had
A big one I guess
I felt the enormity of where we all are
Here we are
Us humans
Spinning wildly in space at a rapid rate
Something some massive form of energy is moving
our home planet none stop
I felt it
I felt all of time behind me
All of time in front of me
Then here we all are
Right in the middle
Fascinating feeling really
Just to feel alive
For some unknown reason
Alive in a pool of energy that can’t stop
It’s in control yet it allows life to be as out of control
as it sometimes indeed Does feel

But here we…are all of us.no one really knows why.
Facing the unknown of each moment
Will the phone ring?will some new destiny path open for us?
Will the Telly blurt out some new reality for us or just the standard
BS of more Denise in the world?
There are a lot of souls enjoying their reality remember
While Egypt and the worlds bankers try to fill us all with grief through the media..

Whatever will happen I guess is meant to happen
As it took 13 billion years for everything to be just as
It is right now.
So all the massive energy in the future all the new realities that will happen upon us all
They stem from the beginning of time itself
So mmmm just focus on that thought for a moment
Its as ot all is .. If you realize the HUGE VAST EXPANSE OF TIME And SPACE
that we are all lucky enough to feel a part of "-))
We all get a very very long time when we go to remember each moment alive
But mmmmm being alive is quite the fascinating journey
All born of our thinking and the luck that the big spirit of all there is allows us.

Take a look at how far time has come..

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