Accepting responsibility for peace.

We have a hidden war that is being fought in the collective consciousness. This war is between innocence and guilt and is evident on all levels of experience; we deny this conflict because it is what we use to get the most out of our lives. The weapons in this war are our personal strategies that we use to keep us comfortable at the expense of others. Offence and defence are not the answer. Argument only defends our ignorance and prevents us from knowing how to be peaceful. Many of us are looking in the wrong direction, fragmenting into needy lifestyles that demand the satisfaction of our desires, and it is this demand that keeps us going in circles, making and spending money so that we feel we are living and in control of ourselves. We all have a sense of using different forms of energy in our personal progression through life, but there is a very misunderstood lack of tact in how to use our physical, emotional and mental energies that is blatantly the cause of all our suffering. Because of the ignorant nature of the human condition we assume that we can do what we want without conditioning our future actions and relations. They say that money makes the world go round, and yes, money does enable us to do miraculous things, but it’s the complications that we get from the feelings of power and the habit of defending reputation and power, that cause the problems which lead to further suffering. Accumulating lifestyle facets to strengthen our sense of identity is in reality putting up a wall that protects our insecurities from being exposed. The construct of personality is built on fear. To see our way to liberation from fear we have to be prepared to accept that our opinions are just excuses that attempt to justify ignorance.

Living a worldly life and assuming that we know how to live, we are wasting all the opportunities of growth that we find in self discipline, ignoring the virtues that will heal us. The way to happiness is about shifting our belief away from assuming anything about ourselves, or the world and accepting life as mysterious. We seek comfort in our indulgences, judgments and assumptions to make living with our mystifying predicament (the human condition) bearable. It is more commonplace to hide fear inside and let it distort our view than to seek liberation from it with selfless love. It is a whole lot easier to conform and follow a self-oriented lifestyle than it is to be responsible for ourselves. The real intention behind the messages that the marketing giants surround us with, is to herd us into adopting a lifestyle that consumes needless products, to make us feel like we have arrived at success, while enabling control of the masses.

Those who assume that they are on top, (bureaucracy), inject energy into the system, from all directions to keep the money machine turning, feeding or ignoring the problems then selling us the solution, and up go the prices. To escape this frenzy of lazy, needy energy that dictates our lives, we have to be courageous enough to take control of our lives. You will be more balanced without cosmopolitan needs or lifestyles, and you’ll not be dependent on the latest demands for common trends that justified your life. Be consciously responsible for your direction and quality of thought, be 100% considerate, and see how it changes your life. There is no need to fear, or be anxious about losing peoples attention, or attachment to the things in your life. Things change. Patience and acceptance will guide you to strength and courage, and impossibility will become an illusion. It is only personal fear that makes things seem beyond us. Of course this is a gradual process. Depending on the purity of your intention you will move forward. Good intentions are always multiplied by angels and intuitive guidance is the reward. We take on a new struggle. What we leave behind us is a dark aimless path that is false freedom fed by experience and hard cash. What we discover when we drop needless desire is true freedom. We don’t have to waste our time with the continual hunt for satisfaction when we connect to the source of love.

To grow and evolve we have to accept responsibility, at all times, for the causes of our happiness, to get it from inside with understanding, instead of manipulating or controlling our outer world with money and emotion. When we know how to find happiness, needing nothing but our quality of thought, we will be agreeable and peaceful. It is searching for happiness in the external world at the expense of people or the environment that is the cause of argument and conflict.

There cannot be peace when we are looking for happiness in our pockets. Worldly pleasures are all we know; we spend our entire lives seeking to satisfy our needs and ambitions. We have been told and programmed to follow this direction, so that our leaders can further teach us how to live our lives.

Reflections of how humankind is evolving are everywhere to be seen. Our personal journey, condition, perceived role or place in life can tell us where we are and the direction of wholeness, but only if we are prepared to judge ourselves honestly. Finding the way to wholeness is impossible if we still believe that personal choice (that which supports our gross ego or lower self) is the way to go. It is the opposite of ego-oriented comfort that is the way to a healthy mind and body. Wholesome life choices have unlimited power. When our actions serve our selves only, we contribute nothing to the world. When we cease justifying our lives through attention from others, and choose to give our energies freely without expectation, we will be guiding countless others towards the healing truth of wisdom by example.

The growing number of us that are considerate towards others and the planet are finding the way. Those of us that acknowledge our personal guilt, and change our ways because we understand what is wrong with us, are finding the way. When our minds are thinking of how good we look, or have pride in what car we drive, how fit or attractive we are, or what we have accumulated to make us comfortable, we are living in a fabricated life plan, that feeds on the energy of others through intentional misguidance, denial of bad thought, manipulation, secrets that protect our illusions, arguing and fighting with anger and jealousy to make our choices feel right… the list of negative ego tools is unlimited. This is the illusion of freedom that shows us how to be more opinionated, defensive and unhealthy minded. The lower self will never lead us to a healthy mind. The actions motivated by the lower self only set traps for us to avoid in the future in ignorance of our fear, postponing genuine growth.

Humans have destroyed each other and the environment gradually by thinking that seeking the easiest way to comfort and riches will complete them and rest will come. The growing need for excitement, experience and quality keeps us distracted and inflated with pride; there is no lasting happiness or rest gained from material possessions, only attachment and withdrawal symptoms. It is nice to see humanity growing out of this at the same time. A contrast is emerging in consciousness where a growing number are seeing their way out of the lower self towards wisdom. Those that rely on attachment to the personal world are finding it harder to justify their selfish intention as we are growing up. We do not have to expand as far from our bettered selves, seeking the truth, to reach the threshold of awakening. It’s like we are picking sides. As we are evolving we are collectively ascending towards a point of awakening that will eventually weed out and expose the insanity in the ego. Reflections of this resistance have created the insecure world of image and money collection and all its conflict. Our (self/money/possession/greed) systems are destined to destroy themselves with their own ignorance. And the meek shall inherit the earth!

True rest, is freedom from the need to be continually distracted by a busy personal agenda. The healthiest thing we can do with our minds is to resolve our fears in the hope of simplifying our personal maintenance. Being honest by exposing to ourselves the fears we have, if we can realise them, will show us vaguely how far we have to go towards waking up from the conditioning effect of fear. Scrupulous honesty is where the magic of cognitive development begins, because as we take our first steps, making the effort to be honest with ourselves, we usually find that we progress a great deal faster than we assumed we would. Be steadfast and courageous, and fear will scamper away with its tail between its legs. Waking up from our fears and insecurities is the scariest and most confusing part of the journey, and the beginning of a more rapid ascension of the soul to higher vibrations. The path to enlightenment is an invisible one. The major turning point towards true growth comes when we are able to walk away from the struggle (because of our fear) for comfort, identity and more money, to the struggle (when we are fearless) of steadfastness and discipline in the face of ignorance. When we have the courage to resist the illusions of desire and satisfaction, we will see how ugly ignorance really is. We will also be healing the earth and human consciousness with the light of our truth realisations; this is the purpose of the spiritual path, to be a conscious healing force for evolving consciousness.

Article by Steve Frisby, artist,

Accepting responsibility for peace.

Steven Frisby

Sheffield, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

This is about the directions of growth and conscious evolution that open up when we transcend our limiting beliefs.

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