Totally Overwhelmed

This is a series of photographs taken in the space of about 30 seconds in the Bourke St Mall in Melbourne, Australia.

The event was the David Jones Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Workshop, featuring David Jones Fashion Ambassador Miranda Kerr.

After the show had finished Miranda Kerr came out to sign autographs. A group of girls, including the girl shown, shouted out at the top of their voices, “We love you Miranda”, followed by fits of laughter. Thinking nothing more, I continued trying to get a great shot of Miranda Kerr. Shortly afterwards I was alerted to the fact that a girl was crying by Jared Revell who was too close to get a shot. Realising the opportunity, I quickly took the following series of photographs, before she realised someone was taking pictures of her.

To this day, it still perplexes me why this girl would get emotional over seeing Miranda Kerr (no offence if you’re reading this Miranda!).

I particularly like the emotion and the story that the series of photo’s convey.

I hope you enjoy them.


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