my first sale & other news

i don’t know whom i should thank, but one of you bought a card from me!
thanks so much – that’s my very first sale (of “artwork”) ever!!!!

otherwise not much is happening – except that i am spending quite some time on my bicycle/ergo

on Feb 23/24 i am going to start at another 24h cycling race.
This time it’s gonna be a 24h Mountainbike race and it’s not outdoors, but indoors
my expectations are not very high – it’s too early in the season, but it’s a perfect opportunity to “collect” some kilometers and get ready for the rest of the reason.

anyway, i am training already (since November I am "counting the time/kilometers for this season) and so far i got the following training stats:

November 2007: 07:01:24h 240.5km
December 2007: 13:33:36h 342.86km
January (so far): 05:46:48h 190.8km
Total: 26:21:48h 774.16km

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