change for a lifetime?

it’s this time of the year again….Christmas is coming to town and life is getting more and more hectic and the streets are bustling and tourists are all around.

although i don’t really like Christmas, or lets say, I don’t really care for it – this year is going to be a bit different
not because of Christmas, but there’s a major change happening a couple of days before…on Dec 21 I am going to marry my long-time girlfriend – so there’s going to be a reason this Christmas might be special

otherwise there’s nothing much happening in my life.
i just bouth two new lenses a
Canon EF 70-300 IS USM and a Sigma 24-60 2.8 EX DG
and have to admit that I am pretty happy with both of them – my bank account on the other hand doesn’t share this happiness of mine…

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