Giant Nutshell Overview - Oct-Dec 2011 - PART 1

In this overview (in two parts), I have listed of all the major achievements and recognition my work received here on Redbubble, in the past three months (October through December 2011)
It’s an overwhelming number of great events… and I want to really thank all the hosts of my many groups, all my watchers, friends, people who voted, and people who bought some of my work … This continued support means so much, and I am thrilled by every comment, feature or sign of appreciation by your votes or purchase. It’s a tremendous incentive to continue to try and make better art, and to share it with you all!…

Underneath you will find:


  1. Works Featured on Redbubble Explore
  1. Challenge Winners
  1. Works reaching a personal record number of features in 1 month


  1. Works featured or chosen into a Top10

Recent sales!

A big THANK YOU goes out to some of my local friends who honoured me this season by making a large choice from my stock of cards for their holidays or seasons greetings…
Nicola, Caecilia and Marjan… Thank you so much for your support of my work!

( Dutch version here: Blij dat jij er bent )

… and many more! – I’m delighted that you all enjoy my work! THANK YOU!


Photostory: A flock of starlings

Photostory: A flock of starlings

(Note: All the images in this journal are clickable for closer view)

Yesterday evening, a huge flock of starlings (*) decided to gather in the large tree near our balcony.

There were hundreds of them, maybe thousands (how do you count something like this?) and as smaller flocks continued joining, they became ever more…

…till the tree was filled to the brim with a twittering, babbling, noisy crowd of birds.
An ad hoc mass-gathering of starlings… It was such an exciting view! :D

They stayed for a little while, two, three minutes maybe, and then they left again, …

…in the light of the setting sun…

Amsterdam SouthEast, the Netherlands, Nov. 12, 2011

  • Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris – Wikipedia)


My new Banners Collection

OK, there are so many beautiful banners around, and some of them are really little jewels of designs, not always really given the attention they deserve. And I am a happy and proud member of so many wonderful groups. But it’s almost not possible to feature all these membership- and other wonderful banners on my profile page. So I will opt for the second best, and start a Banners collection here, to showcase a selection of my favourite banners and groups, as I come along them :)…

(got to run for work now – will add more later ;) )

Challenge Winner Banners

Membership banners

(click on the thumbs to see a larger pop up of the banner)

Just came in today, so this is the first one to feature:

Virtual Museum group

Featured Banners

(click on the thumbs to see a larger pop up of the banner)

Some smaller and bigger achievements that make me smile...

Well, having just told the story of attending the “National Geographics – Photography Contest – prize winners anouncement” in my journal here , I now can move to the lesser, but more personal smaller and bigger achievements that made me smile, these past two weeks……

‘Most viewed of the Day’ in National Geographics – NL-B Photo community

Sorry, didn’t want to disturb…

First, after such a great evening yesterday, it was a real thrill to me to see, that one of my own photo’s, “Sorry, didn’t want to disturb…”, that I’ve just recently added to my Dutch National Geographics page, made it to most viewed image of the day!

Click on the image to view larger ;)

I know, I know, it’s not such a big thing at all, and it most likely won’t become more than this… but still, yes, it did give me a thrill a

National Geographics-NL-B 2011 Photo Contest, Winners Announcement

Yesterday, Oct. 26, 2011, I was present as a guest at the official announcement of…

National Geographics-Netherlands-Belgium 2011 Photo Contest Winners

in Amsterdam….

It was a fabulous event that took place in a fabulous location: The majestic marble halls and main auditorium of the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam… The building itself would make every photographer’s and achitecture lover’s blood rush faster… And so did the event! 40 finalists were chosen in 4 main categories, 10 for each category… Human, Animals, Landscapes and Sustainable World – and additionally, there was the Prize of the Public too. The finalists’ works were not only exhibited in large format in these beautiful RTI halls, but also, during the presentation, projected on a huge screen in the main Auditorium. Won

Three sales this week!

Thank you so much to the three people who bought one or more cards this week!
I’m all over the moon with these unexpected sales, and thank you very much for your support and sign of appreciation of my work! It truly means a lot, and is a great encouragement!


Four Eyed frog
Card Style: 4″ × 6″ Postcard

Surprising encounter
Card Style: 4″ × 6″ Greeting Card x2

Pumkins in the snow
Card Style: 4″ × 6″ Greeting Card

Pink Orchid – birthday card
Card Style: 4″ × 6″ Greeting Card

Sept. 2011 - my RB month in a nutshell

Looking back at the month of September, I can only be thrilled by all the support and recognition I have received for my work here on Redbubble, and all the wonderful achievements that came my way……

Thank you so much to the hosts of all the marvellous groups who hosted my work, featured it, and created countless challenges to stimulate and invite my creativity and participation! Thank you too to all the friends and watchers who encouraged me with their votes, comments and favs!

I am really so grateful for all the support and encouragement received!

September brought me:
1 Redbubble Home Page Feature,
1 card sale on RB (seem my journal here) and 10 cards sold to a friend.
A new adventure with Textured Works (see below :) )
3 challenge wins,
40 of my works featured or placed in

A sale and a win!

Wow, I feel so delighted today!…

“Once upon a dream” – Sale!!
First I received the message that Helen Boyd purchased one of my works as a card, today! How marvellous is that!
Helen wrote me that she wants to put the card on her art board, to enjoy it herself. That truly is a big honour, Helen, I truly hope that you will find a lot of joy and inspiration in this image! Thank you so much for your purchase, and for supporting my work!

“Once upon a dream” – sold as card 125×190mm

“About Real compassion and care” – Challenge win!
Second I found that my work About real compassion and care finished 2nd place with 3 votes in the Impressions of Humanity – in Impressionist and Abstract photography – a tie with the challenge winner, YAY!

This little, intimate scene touched my heart the moment I saw it

Challenge wins, Features & Top10 and other great events...

May – August 2011

Overview of all my works that were either featured or placed in a top10 during the summer months May through August 2011 (Specifications in de description of each work) – or that were subject to other great community events.…

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the group hosts of the many groups who featured my work, and for organizing the challenges. It really is such a great stimulation and encouragement – I cannot say enough how much I appreciate this. Thank you!

Flowers and plants

Sparkling blue imagination was challenge winner and featured in blooms beginning with h – nature photography challenge (May 9, 2011)

Features and Top10

………….. …………..
………………………… ………………………….


True Love was challenge winner in This goes with that – Freedom to shine (Jul

Photo story : Two Cormorants on a peaceful day :)

Photo story : Two Cormorants on a peaceful day :)

(Note: All the images in this journal are clickable for closer view)

A quiet, sunny day at the lake…

“How peaceful here, a day to dream and meditate”

“I hope nobody comes to disturb me here”

“Hey, didn’t I tell you – get away from here, this is my space!!”

“Oh, man, I’m soaked. Guess my diving suit is leaking!”

“I only need a little while to dry up”

“Oh, sorry mate – didn’t want to disturb! – All right, all right, I’m leaving!”

“You better! Aaah, finally peace again!”

Wow ... Several sales this week!

Wow, I have been totally surprised and thrilled several times this week, by two sales of my work at the RBsite, and the purchase of five cards from my little stock at home!…

How wonderful it is to experience that others find my work good enough to purchase it. It means such a great support and encouragement!


to feetsfatrick
for buying my work The Blue Cottage 5″ × 7.5″ Greeting Card

and to the unknown buyer who purchased
Dad and the baby – a tender moment 125mm x 190mm Greeting Card

And while I’m on it… A big thanks too to a good friend of mine, who purchased 5 of my RB-cards from my little ‘home-store’ yesterday – She picked out:
Quiet, quiet, little one :) 100mm x 150mm Greeting Card (x2)

Beauty of Autumn Miniature 2 100mm x 150mm Greeting Card

Patiently waiting 100mm

Photographic prints!!! UPDATED!

What?!! They are new, right?! Or have I been sleeping with my eyes open?!! – No, I’m sure I haven’t – Since I’ve been uploading new work nearly daily this week!
I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed that!
The option to sell our work as photographic prints… small, medium, large and extra large… That truly is such a great improvement, I really have missed that possibility before!
It’s not automatically checked with our previous work, so we’ll have to do that by hand if we want to make our work available in this option – but well, it’s something one can do gradually, as works are revised anyway once in a while……

Awesome, Redbubble, great work, Thank you!!


UPDATE: D.R. Moore made this great tool (macro) and tutorial on how to edit all our earlier works at once to include this new print o

A month in a nutshell - April 2011 Overview

A month in a nutshell – April 2011 Overview

Overview of a month’s RB activity, features, top10 placements and other remarkable events :)

April 2011 was, once again, a month filled with features and top10 placements of several of my works, and – as the cream on the cake – another RB-homepage feature!
Thank you so much to RB, and to the many groups who gave me so much opportunity to showcase and feature my work – it really means a lot, and encourages me every time again to try and improve my work, and to learn and grow as an artist.
On the 30th of April, I had the opportunity to have a small stand on the Dutch “Koninginnedag” (Queen’s Day) free market, and was able to sell several prints and cards of my work. That, too, was a great encouragement.
So, I’m happy to present you some overview

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Caring and Nurturing Woman's Day!

To all the women with children out there,
who really care and nurture…
Happy Mother’s Day

To all the momma’s who are missing (one of ) their children …
a special, caring hug for you today …
Know there are others around who understand your loss and sadness,
and feel with you…
Know that you are not alone…

To all my fellow women without children, who replace and support momma’s,
and who do care for others in so many different ways…:
Happy Caring and Nurturing Woman’s Day

To my own mother,
and to all the caring and nurturing, supporting and inspiring women in my own life…
THANK YOU! – my life and my world would be so different without you!

To all momma’s and CNW’s …
THANK YOU! – know that you cannot be missed -
know that you are precious, and special!


RB HomePage- feature! "Will freedom be our inheritance"

* RB Front Page Feature!*

Will freedom be our inheritance

I’m so surprised and happy to find this work featured on Redbubble’s Homepage on today, Friday April 22, 2011 – Earth Day!
I’m especially thrilled that this image was chosen… It’s one of my most favourite street shots, and has a deep meaning to me.

Thank you so much for this great honour, RB!
And congrats to all the artists featured!


A month in a nutshell - March 2011 Overview

A month in a nutshell – March 2011 Overview

Overview of a month’s RB activity, features, top10 placements and wins

Yes, I know, I’m very late this time with my monthly overview for March – I’m sorry. Having just started a part time job additional to my gradually fuller daily program, and getting the flue right on top of it, brought my energy in the scarce free time back to a very low minimum, and made it hard to keep up with the daily routine jobs on Redbubble, let alone for the extra’s like making overviews etc. …
However, I’m very happy that I now finally can present to you an overview of yet another great month of Redbubble activity, with a lot of nice and exciting things happening.

Redbubble Homepage feature

One of the most exciting things during March 2011 was that for the second

Redbubble HomePage Layout Suggestions - 2

Redbubble HomePage Layout Suggestions – 2

This is the second overview page of Redbubble HP-layout suggestions I have made.
It’s a way of combining and featuring beautiful artworks, and making a layout of them so that they could be used for the Redbubble homepage feature. Everyone who likes doing it can make such layouts, and post them in the Choose the RedBubble Home Page forum. And … by far not all, but some of them are actually chosen by Red and make it to the homepage!!! I can tell you, that gives a real kick not only for the featured artists, as for the one one who made the layout as well LOL.…

I’ve started collecting the HP-layout suggestions I made a few years ago, in this first journal: Redbubble HomePage Layout Suggestions – 1 and recently revisited and updated most of those.
But s

True Love - Sale!

Big thanks to yogirae for buying a greeting card of my work “True Love” – I am really happy and honoured that you like this image so much that you wanted to buy a card of it.
Your support and appreciation of my work mean a lot!


A month in a nutshell - February 2011 Overview

Overview of a month’s RB activity, features, top10 placements and wins

Once again, I’m very happy to present to you the highlights, challenge wins, featured works and top10 placements of my work during the month February 2011.

My big thanks goes out to the hosts of all the groups who featured one or more of my works, this month, and for organising and hosting so many great challenges.
Your enthusiasm and effort put into these groups so benefits us all! Thank you!

Also big thanks to all my watchers, friends and visitors, and to everyone who voted for my work in one of the challenges. Your support and appreciation means a lot to me!

I hope you all will enjoy this overview of this months most popular work… :)

Comments always welcome. Thanks for looking!


Challenge wins

Once aga

100 steps... An exciting photographic challenge

I had heard of it before, and it must have been a challenge in a few other groups as well, but when I saw this challenge in the group This, that and the other thing last week, I felt like… : I want to try this. And last sunday morning, as the early spring sun showed herself again after a long time of cold and cloudy weather, I thought this was the time to go for it.

  1. “For the challenge, you should go outside your front door, walk 100 steps and take a picture of what you see.”

Indeed it sounded like fun ! But I was a little comprehensive about it too…
Living in a huge apartment building in Amsterdam South East, I knew that, starting from the front door of my apartment wouldn’t even bring me beyond the elevators hall and stairways – not outside the building yet. So I decided to try and

"Looking down on snowy Trees" featured on RB-Homepage!!

Wonderful surprise and great news! Today I received this BubbleMail:
“Congratulations steppeland! Your work is on the RedBubble homepage today as a part of the Dutch Showcase group feature!! Less than 3 in a thousand works make it onto the homepage – so congratulations :)
Happy bubbling!


Dutch Showcase – 3 March 2011
by home page

I’m so thrilled with this HomePage feature! Wow!
Congrats to my fellow group members features… it’s such an honour to find my work featured among such great photography!
Thank you so much to the hosts of this great group Dutch Showcase – and Thank you Red and Rhana – for this awesome surprise! It made my day!


Sale!! :D - Zoo animals calendar and art...

Wow, an unknown person was so kind to buy some of my zoo-animals work……

1x Calendar of Dieren in de dierentuin
Start Month: March 2011

1x Greeting Card of Wild and Captive

1x Greeting Card of Niek and Dad – Close-up

The cards are a surprising choice to me, but one that makes me happy, since, although these are not exactly my most popular images, I do ‘have something’ with them.
And it does affirm to me that it may be worth wile to continue to work on the Dutch titling and description of my calendars and works as well. Great idea, Redbubble, to create the possibility for customers to have their calendars start on any month of choice!

So to my unknown buyer – I hope you read this:
Thank you so much for honouring my work by your purchase, and for the support of my work. It means a lot to me,

A month in a nutshell - January 2011 Overview

Overview of a month’s RB activity

Some of my street-photography, black-and white photo´s and diptychs/triptychs on the foreground

Once again I´m very happy to present to you an overview of the 3 works that were challenge-winner, and the 31 works that were either featured or received a top10 placement, during the past month (January 2011)
Remarkable is that this month, a nice selection of my street-photography, my black-and white photography and a few of my diptychs and triptychs received some extra attention. Maybe aspects of my work that are easily overlooked among my more popular nature photography. To me, this is a real encouragement to continue doing effort to also develop further these aspects of my work that are less familiar to me, and somehow beyond my ´comfort-zone´.
I am very

Homage to some of my groups' hosts - 1

“Homage to some of my groups’ hosts”

Part 1 – Groups # through B

So many of my groups featured one or more of my works during the past year. Each of their groups’ host have been spending a lot of time on a daily or weekly basis to keep the groups alive and dynamic , and have done a lot of effort to challenge, and inspire their members, and to feature and give more exposure to their members work.
As a way of saying thanks, I thought I would try to feature some of their works in return, and arrange them into some RB Homepage layouts.
It seems this will become a year long project, if I want to do them all, and I’m not sure at all whether I will succeed in that… But I gave it a start, so here’s the first 5 RB Homepage layouts. List of groups and avatars of the featured groups hosts underne

A month in a nutshell - December 2010 Overview

Overview of a month’s RB activity – and how

December… despite some difficulties: a marvellous successful month!

Not everything went as smooth and easily as I would have wanted it in December. Due to the “bad” weather circumstances in the beginning of December ( * ), some of my orders were delayed very much, or went lost, and that had a huge delaying impact on my plans of promoting and selling my work locally. But Redbubble has been very lenient and cooperative in refunding and settling the issues, and I really appreciate and am grateful for that. It has reinforced my trust in Redbubble’s 100% satisfaction guaranty.
Despite those difficulties, December has also been an amazing and very active and successful month indeed!

( * ) “Bad” weather circumstances: for postal services and transpor

My wish for 2011 for YOU!

A very happy New Year to all my friends, watchers and visitors here on RedBubble, and to all the staff and volunteers community helpers and group hosts of this great online community!
Thank you so much for all the friendship, inspiration, challenge and support shared in the past year.
May 2011 bring you happiness, inspiration, friendship and love – and the deep sense of belonging that makes us feel we are one with creation, with all of humanity, with the Universe… May your innermost creative self find ways to express your unique being, and help you grow into the person you are meant to be. May some of your dreams come true!

Have a marvellous New Year!
Happy 2011!!


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