Another three weeks of features and more! Thank you so much! (Nov. 7-26, 2009)

Again, time has gone so fast, and another nearly four weeks have passed since my last Features journal… Even while making the best resolutions to do it a little more frequently, I seemingly don’t succeed in keeping up with all the features and top 10 placements my work receives in de different groups – The struggle with codes to make a journal feature is so little attractive to me, making it a main chore every time… so postponing is a natural, but not very helpful result [blush] .
Still I really do want to thank all the hosts from each and every group who has featured my work in the past 3-4 weeks, and everyone who voted on one of my pics, in the many challenges.
I really, really do appreciate the attention and extra exposure my work receives in this way, and it every time is a thrill whe…

Redbubble Layout - various tips, hints and links

Over the time I have been on Redbubble now, I have come across several good hints and tips to make layout on Redbubble. Some of it I remembered, some journals or forum posts I linked or saved as favourites, others I forgot or lost again.…

Today, I discovered another layout tip, just by accident LOL

Maybe it is described somewhere else, but I didn’t read it, I just saw it happen while working on a layout… In order not to forget this, and maybe share it with others, I decided to start this journal, and collect more layout tips and hints here.

note : the highlighted frame code described here seemingly only works in forums, not in a journal – and only at the very top of the post, not in the middle
And the heading-code gives a different effect in the journal and in the forums.
Please compare the

THANKS for Three weeks of features++ (Oct.9 - 31 2009)

I’ve had a few busy weeks recently, with a temporary job in addition to my normal activities, and, although I tried ;) , I haven’t been able too well to keep track of everything that was going on here at my little bubble.
Sooo… really high time to look back on three weeks of features, and to thank all those marvellous groups, who are doing so much effort to organise challenges and constantly select and feature members’ work – in order to give us all more opportunities to show and expose our work!
To all the wonderful, generous hosts of these groups: Cheers and Thank you!
And to all those who voted in the challenges : Cheers and thank you to you too!…

Those of you who are watching me for some time may have seen some of these featured images already – for others, they may be new… All of them

"Spoonbills in my backyard" - Featured on Redbubble Home Page!!!

Wooow, awesome! Spoonbills in my backyard is featured on the Redbubble Home Page!!
My very first HP-feature… How marvellous! That really is a great honour!

This photo is really special, since it is one of the shots I made on a very early morning, in what turned out to be my most marvellous, most impressing nature-photography experience till now. (see description) – I am really happy this one was picked!

Thank you so much, Redbubble and RED for the feature, and Julie for suggesting it! It’s so much appreciated!


*Would you also like to suggest HP-layouts? then come join us in the forum "Choose the RedBubble Home Page ": *

Redbubble HomePage Layout Suggestions - 1

Redbubble HomePage Layout Suggestions – 1

About 21 days ago, I discovered this marvellous forum topic ‘Choose the RedBubble Home Page’ , where anyone who feels inspired and motivated, can make a layout suggestion for the Redbubble homepage. RED (=one of the admins) does browse that topic regularly (among other places) to choose the Redbubble homepage features. So it can happen that one of the layouts suggested in the topic is actually chosen for the Home Page.
Of course, long not all of them are picked. But still, making a homepage layout is really fun to do, and I got completely hooked to it.
So I made quite a lot of them already, and in order to keep track of them, I would like to copy and safe them in this journal (and probably in a few following ones too LOL ) .
Of course, you are al…

Featured...: Eight of my best... :)

Eight of my best pics were featured in one or more groups in the past 10 days, and some received a top10 placement in a group-challenge –
Big thanks again to these marvellous hosting groups – This support and recognition of my work means so much!…

I hope you will enjoy having a look at them again,


“For fantasy’s sake” was featured in ImageWriting (Oct 05, 2009)

“Eating it’s tail " was featured in Primate Art (Oct 04, 2009)

“Beauty of Autumn Miniature 2” was featured in Unlimited Quality (Oct 04, 2009)

“Oaks Lane” was featured in the group Live and let live (Sept. 27, 2009) and in The great outdoors (Sept. 28, 2009) .
It also placed in the top10 for the contest Dirt Roads and Autumn Leaves and was featured in Country Roads (Oct 03, 2009)

“Fascinating Ice crystals 6” was featured

Spoiled with features! THANK YOU!

oh, goodness, I’ve been spoiled with so many features and top 10 placements since my last feature journal… I’ve been so busy with preparing my calendars ( see my journal here) that I have neglected the received features a bit…
But now is time to catch up, to thank the different group mods, and the people who voted, and to review some of my best recently featured work ……

Hope you’ll enjoy!



“His Majesty ": was featured in the group Alphabet soup (Sept. 12 2009) and was challenge winner in the best of L – challenge of this group.
Thank you so much to the hosts, and to all who voted :) (Sept 12, 2009)

TOP 10 placements and FEATURES

Beauty of Autumn Miniature 2 was featured in Out of the Blue (Se

Four calendars ready - and never so cheap as this week!

I’ve been working hard these days, and am a little proud and very happy to present to you four calendars with a choice of my best shots.
This week only, Redbubble offers a great discount of 15% for all calenders, and in addition, for this week only, I have lowered the markup amount to only 5% instead of the usual 20% .
So… if you are thinking about purchasing some nice calendars, for personal use or as a gift, then take advantage of this discount week, and please do check out some if mine :)

My Calendars

Thanks a lot and enjoy!


Zoo animals

Flowers all year round

De Riethoek ~ The Reed Corner

Nature all year round

"Fishers platforms in winter evening light" featured twice!

“Fishers platforms in winter evening light” :
was featured in
Image writing group (Sept. 5 2009)
Beauty of the European Waters – group (Sept. 7 2009)

Thank you so much to the hosts of these two groups, for selecting this photo for a feature on the groups first page. Every feature means a real recognition and encouragement, and is so very much appreciated :D


Summertime's featured works :)

In the past three weeks, four of my works were featured in a group again… Thank you so much to the hosts of these groups, for selecting my images and giving them a place on the group’s first page… I really appreciate it!

In Misty Morningland was featured in Made By Nature

“Ah, those memories… ": was featured in Live, Love, Dream

Deep and mysterious was featured in Forests

Lonely bench on misty pier was featured in The Art of Intrigue

Three weeks of features and 2 challenge wins! :D

In the past 3 weeks, several groups have found one of my works worthy of a feature on the groups first page, and two of my images became the winner in a groups challenge! Awesome… Thank you so much to the groups, group hosts and voters, for all the recognition and encouragement received through these features and wins… It’s so much appreciated!…

  1. Fresh tomatoes won first place Backyard Photography and I was made Featured Member of this group… Awesome! Thank you so much!
    Fresh tomatoes was also featured in Rain Drops & Water Art

  1. Pink Abundance was chosen as group avatar for Rhododendrons. This was my very first challenge win (w00t !) !
    And also

  1. Pink Abundance in B-W
    was featured in this wonderful group.

  1. The Batavia – HDR was featured in Miniatures and Mammoths
    and also in ImageWriting

  1. Oak

Two weeks, 13 features... wow...

I have been spoiled with features, these passed two weeks… wow!
Thirteen features in two weeks time… that’s one a day… just can’t believe it myself…
It definitely shows that participating in groups and group-challenges really helps to receive some more exposure for our work!
I cannot thank enough all the mods of these different groups for the marvellous work they do… The inspiration and stimulation I receive through these groups is amazing – it really means a lot.…

In the past week, I did a first Journal Feature to thank the Primate Art group for their featuring my work. I hope to do more of this kind of journal features, as the occasion occurs.
It will take a while though before I’ve gotten all of my groups :lol:

So in the meantime: a big “THANK YOU” to the mods of these groups, for their

"On your marks..." - Primate Art group - journal feature

Please Note: This is the first time I am trying out a journal feature, using the thumbs of other people’s work in my journal, with a direct link to the featured work and the artist’s main page. I have informed all the featured artists about this feature by note.
In case anyone would have objections about their work being featured in this way, please do let me know, I will then delete the feature immediately :)

My work On your marks… get set… Stop! was featured in the group Primate Art

gottheshot has thought up some marvellous captures for this work (Thank you so much! LOL ) :

  1. Your ‘pulling my leg’ aren´t you ???
  1. On your marks, get set . . . STOP :o)
  1. Don’t think that I havent got eyes at the back of my head
  1. I need eyes at the back of my head with this little one
  1. I am just being ‘held back

Finally back to normal YAY!!

Last weekend, just a week ago, during another desperate phone call to the helpdesk of my internet provider, we finally discovered what was causing the slow and incomplete loading of the internet pages on my computer…
My connection to Redbubble had been suffering most of it, but also other sites were terribly slow to load for months on end… I was nearly giving up hope that things would be back to normal again…
But since the internet provider told me how to adapt a firewall in their equipment to a much lower security level, finally pages are loading complete and smoothly again!
Sooo, yes, I now can access Redbubble without any trouble again, and I have spent the past week with catching up with my groups (and indeed, I have a lot) and with uploading new photographs.
I must say, I am delighte…

Thank you for the features this week!

Again, three of my pics were featured in different groups this week. Isn’t that awesome!…

“Thank you so much!”…

- to the group : Birds and creatures of flight for featuring

Drinking stork

-to the group : Alphabet soup for featuring

Coffee – the blues

- and to the group Art and stories made for children for the feature of

Dikkertje Dap en de giraffe – close-up

Thank you for all the inspiration, support and encouragement each of these marvellous groups gives to it’s members!
I appreciate it very much!

On another note… I still have big trouble with working on redbubble… Pages are loading very slowly, or only partially … It’s really a pain, and takes ages to do anything. I’d love to be more actively participating in groups, and commenting on others works too, but I have to limit my activities

Features this week!

Since it seems that Redbubble is kind to me at the moment, I’ll grab the occasion to post this journal, and to say THANKS to the two groups who featured one of my works:

Thank you to PENTAX group for featuring
Knotted willows in misty lands – one of my favourites of the few black-and-white pics I made so far… it’s a quite new and unknown area for me – so I am delighted with this recognition and encouragement :)

And thanks for the group “Alphabet soup”: for featuring
Masked in “the best of M”-feature … Isn’t it just an amazing creature, this Mandrill ! :D

Thank you so much for all the support, it means a lot! :)


I cannot browse Redbubble :'(

It’s already for weeks that I have big difficulties browsing Redbubble. The pages load very slow, if at all, and 9 on 10 times, it takes so long that I am getting impatient and give up on it…
I have been using 2 different browsers (Firefox and Google Chrome) and 3 different computers, on different times of day and night… and while other sites load easily, Redbubble just keeps refusing…

Does anyone else have similar problems? And is there anything we can do about it?

It’s such a pity, since I would love to spend much more time here, and wold like to upload many more pics…

Please, any advise or help is very welcome…


Priority to my Reed Corner pics


My regular watchers may have noticed that many of the pictures I’ve been uploading in the past two weeks belong to my Reed Corner collection . And also in the coming week more of these will be uploaded. They have priority for a special reason…:

All those pics are made in, or in the immediate neighbourhood of, the Reed Corner (NL. de Riethoek), a small nature reserve in Amsterdam South-East, with wooded banks, bushy area’s, wetlands and swamps – paradise for birds and small animals.
In the past year, I have spent many hours there, admiring and in awe for the wonderful nature and the many plants and animal species living there, ad trying to capture their beauty in my photographs.

Now, the Amsterdam South-East city counsel has plans to start building houses a

Funny Captures always welcome + Features...

gottheshot found some great captures to go with my photograph
Here you…

Here they are:

“Your ‘pulling my leg’ aren´t you ???”

“On your marks, get set . . . STOP” :o)

THANKS A LOT, Gottheshot! LOL – love them!

If any one of you think of more funny captures to add to this, or any of my other animal pics, you’re most welcome to add them (haha)

Just a few that may give you inspiration, but feel free to browse my gallery and pick any you like ;):

Big Smile

Singing in the bathtub

Lament of a guinea fowl


And again I can rejoice in two of my photographs being featured by a group:

As if scuptured 1 was featured in the group Trees and their parts


Centering was featured in the group Just brown

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the moderators of these groups for choosing my work

"Hidden Beauty" featured... :)

Hidden Beauty

Yes it has been a long time that I haven´t been very active here on Redbubble – but, I hope to change my life! :D

I have started a few days ago to add new artworks, an admit some of my earlier work to some more of my groups.

And today, I´ve been honoured with a feature by the group Nature´s wonder

Thank you so very much to the hosts of this wonderful group, I appreciate it a lot!

With delay, but not less wholeheartedly, I want to thank the hosts of the Elegant Elephants group for the feature of p-Ear-s of Art , two weeks ago.

p-Ear-s of Art
And of course also thank you to all the group-members who voted for my work!

Each feature is a real encouragement to me, to go out right here and now and make more pics, and capture the beauty that is all around us, but often in a hidden

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