A Big Announcement

HI fellow RedBubblers!
I know I’ve been quiet lately… I literally spent half of March gallivanting all over the place on trips for both fun and for my day job. Now that I’m back home I feel like I need something to get me more active again. Something concrete. Something I’ve been needing to do anyway…

So I’m having a Big Event!

Starting on April 1 and every day in April (or at least until the 28th) I’ll be adding a new letter from my Floral Alphabet series to my Zazzle store with a whole slew of new products. I know a lot of RBers are also Zazzlers, but if you don’t know they’ve been adding a lot of new products lately that I’m very excited about: including coasters, pendants, and iPhone cases. (note: I’m not sure which things are available in which countries, I only know about the US site)

So take a look and see if there’s anything you like! I still think RB has the best T-shirts, and I love the die-cut stickers, but Zazzle has some very cool offerings too.

Speaking of things I’ve been meaning to do, I’ve also set up a Facebook page for my online storefront. If I get 25 “likes” I can get a shortcut URL so if you’re on Facebook and you like my work, give a gal a helping hand won’t you?

And yes, this ALSO means I need to finish the alphabet before the end of the month! I got a bit stalled out on U, but I’ve been trying to make up for it by pressing on with the rest… so look for them to be showing up here very soon!

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