Support a good cause!

Hi all,
Alas, it’s been another RB drought for me as I take care of some things that were neglected while I was finishing up the Floral Alphabet, and one of those things is the subject of this post.…

This weekend I’m participating in a charity fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It’s the Chesapeake Challenge, a 2-day, 30-mile walk organized by our local Maryland chapter of the MS Society.

As an added bonus to donors — besides the warm fuzzy feelings from making a tax-deductible donation to a worthy cause — I’m offering free pet portraits! All the details are on my blog: Learn more and donate today

I’ll be posting the best of the portraits here for everyone too, I’ll get my samples on RB tomorrow!

PS It looks like the site accepts donations from outside the USA, but I do

Three months worth of thank-yous, all rolled into one

I’ve been a little out of touch so I’m sure I’m going to miss something and someone I need to thank, but here goes! I’m still grateful for all the favoritings and comments and features, even if they aren’t mentioned here. :)…

I was super-honored to have my design “Mourning Dove” featured on the homepage with some other amazing shirts from the Fabulous Ts group


I’m sure the homepage feature had a little something to do with the sale of a Mourning Dove sweatshirt this month. :)

And just this week I sold a sticker of T for Tulip.

I’ve also made a few sales from the new gift items in my Zazzle store including an iPhone case with the Dragon of Winter art.

Group Features:
Pets on the March, artwork I produced for a local SPCA fundraiser, was featured in both Creative Cards and Cal

Spring's busting out all over!

Hi everyone! I miss you all, I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t been able to stop by as often as I’d like.

It seems like I’ve been spending all my free time lately between finishing my flower alphabet and trying to load them all up into my Zazzle store. I’ve managed to meet my goal of adding a complete product line every day so far this month and I’m in the home stretch… but I still have to finish my “Y” and “Z”

I feel bad, actually… today I posted the “U is for Ulster Mary” set on Zazzle before I had a chance to post it here, so I’m trying to make up for it tonight.

In addition to the last of the flowers, I have another little art project to finish up this weekend, so for anyone who’s ready for a change of pace I should have something new to post very soon!

A Big Announcement

HI fellow RedBubblers!
I know I’ve been quiet lately… I literally spent half of March gallivanting all over the place on trips for both fun and for my day job. Now that I’m back home I feel like I need something to get me more active again. Something concrete. Something I’ve been needing to do anyway……

So I’m having a Big Event!

Starting on April 1 and every day in April (or at least until the 28th) I’ll be adding a new letter from my Floral Alphabet series to my Zazzle store with a whole slew of new products. I know a lot of RBers are also Zazzlers, but if you don’t know they’ve been adding a lot of new products lately that I’m very excited about: including coasters, pendants, and iPhone cases. (note: I’m not sure which things are available in which countries, I only know about the US sit

January Thank Yous

Only slightly overdue!…

Thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments on my floral alphabet, it’s been more work than I anticipated and I’m glad folks have been enjoying it so much. :)

F is for Fuschia was featured in Finks of Inks

R is for Rose was featured in Fabulous Flowers
EDIT: in a late-breaking update, as I was writing this entry “Rose” was also featured in Art and Collectables … thanks, guys!

O is for Orchid was featured in Fabulous Ts

Despite not being a flower, Mourning Dove was also featured in Fabulous Ts

One lovely person bought a card of F is for…

But as far as sales go, that’s it for the flowers… it’s the dragons that were flying out the door this month! I don’t know who bought any of them, but thank you whoever you are! Finishing this series is my next priority once all t

Thoughts at the end of January

Hi fellow RB-ers! Now that the holidays are well and truly behind me I feel I can face 2011 a little more head-on… only to discover in very short order it will be February already!…

Where would I like to be right now? Well, done with my Floral Alphabet series, for one, lol. I’m in the home stretch tho and it shouldn’t be long now. I’m eager to have all of my flowers not only on RedBubble but also on some of the fab new items that Zazzle is offering, including necklaces and coasters. So far I just have my Chinese Zodiac animals there, but as soon as I have my whole alphabet done here I’m going to start populating my Zazzle store with them too.

Speaking of the Chinese Zodiac, in just a few days it will officially be the Year of the Rabbit! I’ve had several different folks license my Year of

Happy New Year!

Hi folks!
I’ve been even quieter than usual lately, but then again my December was busier than usual: a sick kitty, major home renovations, busy times at work and a freelance project all chipped away at my RB time… including my art time! At least we’ve been spared the weather problems that I know have been plaguing so many people… I hope any fellow ’Bubblers in the path of all the floods and snowstorms have stayed safe!…

In between all of that excitement, I’ve been working on my flower alphabet and have a few letters to post over the next couple of days. I’ve already added my much-overdue ‘F’ flower to RB and the others will be close behind.

Wanna Play? — a portrait of my kitty Tony — was featured in Newman’s Pet Tees & etc. Tony is doing better, but isn’t out of the woods yet so he’s sti

Belated winter thank-yous!

Just a few thank-you notes… some of them a bit late!

H is for Hyacinth from my Floral Alphabet series was featured in Creative Cards and Calendars, as was the timely Holiday Courier

The Holiday Courier was also featured in The Designer’s Corner after placing eighth in their recent avatar challenge. There’s some beautiful work in that group, thanks to all those who voted!

The Book Cover Club featured my mockup for Aesop’s Fables featuring the classic scene from The Fox and the Grapes.

Tho I haven’t been too active lately, I hope to change that soon, I miss entering challenges and other fun RB stuff!

It's HOW many days 'till Christmas???

Well, here I am sitting here with no idea where November went. On top of all the “usual” I had a sick computer AND a sick kitty-cat to nurse, but I’m still hard at work on those flowers… all you end-of-the-alphabet folks don’t give up on me yet! I’m determined to have the whole set done before the end of the year…fingers-crossed!…

In fact, last week I scanned in another batch of ink drawings, so I only have W, X, Y, and Z still sitting on my drawing table waiting to be drawn. Of course, two of those are intensely complicated flowers, lol. I was a bit disheartened when the computer ate most of my work coloring “M” but I’ll be jumping back in the saddle this week.

I haven’t been around on RedBubble very much for the past few weeks… well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been stopping by on a r

October happenings

Well, autumn has officially arrived and I can’t believe it. We’ve had our first touches of frost on the lawn, the leaves have performed their usual magic show of color, and the crisp hint of winter is in the air. We just finished up a lovely evening of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters with our friends (so many cute little kids, and even the few teenagers had the decency to wear costumes, lol)…

This month I wanted to thank Creative Cards & Calendars for featuring B is for Begonia, Tiger Tiger for featuring the B&W version of Year of the Tiger and Finks of Inks for featuring C is for Columbine

As you see, I am still uploading separate images for cards and prints, so that they’ll always look their best. :)

I also wanted to thank all those who voted in the few challenges I participate

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