Idea: Change Default to Least Expensive

Suggestion of the day to RB Admin. If any other exhibitors disagree or agree with my idea, please comment here!

I’d prefer the default when opening the ‘purchase cart’ to be on the cards (the least expensive item) rather than framed options. This might seem mad, but there are two reasons:

1. We prefer more sales, rather than none at all. Some people may balk at the prices of these framed images – even though they are fair and reasonable!! So let them see the cards first. Some people may prefer to purchase 50x$5 cards than purchase a $250 framed image.

2. I had someone say, “Hang on, this says ‘From $3’ – but I don’t see anything under a $100.” They simply didn’t see the choices of frames, canvas, etc. They arrived at the first screen and figured that was all there was.

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