Photographer Shirts

  • Are you a photographer who wants everyone to know about YOUR hobby, small-business, skill set, and/or passion?
  • Do you attend events, only to find people asking questions like “Are you a photographer?”, even when you holding a dSLR that could take down a elephant from two miles away?
  • Do you want people to able to easily find & view your artwork on Redbubble – even when you are out on assignment, on a field-trip, or walking in public?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

I invite you to choose and purchase any of the Photographers-Shirts displayed below.

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Available in every Colour, Size and Style, for Men and Women.

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Get your PERSONAL or BUSINESS NAME on your shirt at no extra cost!
Philip Johnson did … and liked them so much he bought TWO!

REMEMBER to take a photograph of yourself in your new Photographers-Shirt and display within the Buyers Booth, and then tell us how good the print is … I’d like to know if they need improvement.

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