Your Name on a PHOTOGRAPHER Shirt

  1. I am able to create personalised ‘PHOTOGRAPHER’ shirts for everybody!

That’s right … You can get your personal or business name on any of my pro-pho shirts !

Bubblemail or email me your personal or business name and I’ll create and upload ASAP. Same cost, nil extra fee. Order through Redbubble to have it delivered to destination of your choice!


1. Choice of UPPERCASE, Capitalised, or lowercase.
2. Most characters in the English alphabet available, and other normal characters on the standard keyboard.
3. Choice of putting your words ABOVE or BELOW the existing text.
4. IMPORTANT: The longer the text, the smaller the text to fit onto one line. Minimal lettering has bigger impact. So go for first name and surname, or just your business name. Some people might be able to fit both!

Think professional, be professional, look professional.

REQUESTS FOR OBSCENITIES WILL BE IGNORED, but not reported unless repetitive.

EMAIL: ezcreate AT gmail DOT com

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You may not use, replicate, manipulate, redistribute, or modify my photography, writing, and artwork without my express consent.

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