An Emotional State

I was looking through David Librach’s work this evening, some stunning photographs, of which one in particular, Yin and Yang connected with me on a particular emotional level as well as the more academic perspective i usually appreciate things from. It reminded me, instantaneously, of the only other moment i had looked at a piece of art and been moved to uncontrollable tears.

This was 8 years ago, whilst i was working in The Netherlands, as an Intern at the Former Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal, and about to return to the UK to start work in criminal law here in Leicester.

I attended a party, it was a tribunal thing, and i was hugely happy and having a good time, or so i thought, until i saw a picture on the wall, it was a coastal scene, the sea, a small beach and a large sand dune over which an African / Arabic shepherd was tending his flock of goats. It just kicked me in the stomach and from then until 4 or so hours later i was a wreck – the first time i had cried since i was a child in fact.

I’ve been looking for the picture ever since, because it taught me that art can trigger memories or feelings deeply suppressed, and that can be a good thing, if properly managed. I’m really happy i don’t find myself breaking down at the work i see on here.. but its a great thing to connect with a piece of work and feel it on different levels.

And if anyone out there knows what that particular painting / print was.. then i would appreciate a head’s up!


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