all that effort!

I did the stupid o’clock thing this morning, out of bed before my alarm went off, it was set for 3.45am, made a thermos, and out of the house by 4.30am, delayed by having to recharge my camera’s battery.

I was heading for Wiltshire and the Vale of Avalon, a beautiful area of countryside inundated by ancient / pre-historical pagan monuments and burial sights. I got there for sevenish. I was hoping to get to these places for first light, with frost on the ground, a sharp light continually changing its angles as the sun rose. None of this happened! The sun remained firmly behind a dull overcast sky – and the results were disappointing, of 200 photographs hardly a thing to be pleased about, apart from a lovely drive and a walk up some hills. I met another photographer hoping for exactly the same, on the hill heading down from West Kennet Long Barrow a burial tomb you can walk into and have a looksee. Maybe she was redbubbling!

I may have one photo that saves the day, when i got there the lights were on in the Church giving a backdrop to the Pagan standing stones – but it was still too dark, in reality and with little natural lighting i had to use a long exposure and experiment… i think i’ll post one of them, it may get unposted pretty soon however. let me know what you think..


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