Viking Longboats

well i wish they were but i was as astounded as if they had of been. Today i was driving to court for a hearing and i was early, as i had to take some pictiures on a site visit, and, well between Leicester and Market Harborough there is some beeutoful countryside through which runs the Grand Union canal. There is a place called Foxton Locks which is an amazing run of 20 or so locks in close order, one after hte other, allowing canal barges to pass up and down the canal. I have the odd pic in my portfolio. Anyhow i went walking on the other side of the canal, a new route, and i came across two barges stacked one against the other, out of the water in the grass, decaying and rusting and all the things we love!! What a find.. who put them there? Anyhow, i’m putting some pics on here later on.. hope you like ’em, i remember thinking that i have lucked out, that feeling we all get when you turn the corner and you see what you are looking for. Even the sun stepped out of the way for me, shortening my shadow so i was able to get close.

Hope you like them.


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