I'm a Bad Fan....

I stayed in this evening to watch the rugby, the South Africa v England match in Paris. I let my friend Sophie down (i’m also a bad friend), cancelled dinner at her place, and settled down to watch what i knew could be a difficult game for my boys. To explain a little, Rugby isn’t my game, it comes behind football, behind cricket (and the news was not good on that front either today), by some distance. Consequently i want to see us (England) win, i’m not interested in such things as South Africa being “a vastly superior team”, “sportsmanship” or any similar sporting ethic. Winning is everything and would have made me happy until the papers are delivered tomorrow morning.

And each misplaced pass and failed tackle tonight was met by an equal and opposite veiled disinterest. The first ten points in the first half, well i was reading theTV guide, looking out for exhibitions over the weekend and, hey, look out Manchester and the Hacienda / Factory exhibition.

But things on telly got steadily more distracting and it wasn’t long before my perfect evening had been displaced and i was back watching an Indian run chase against Pakistan. I don’t care for Rugby.. i left it just when it needed me most. Anybody know the final score?

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