Sarajevo Film Festival

I updated my portrait today.. and, yes, I admit i’m looking like a self-satisfied smug bastard, ‘cause i felt like it at the time. I had just blagged my way into getting press accreditation at the Sarajevo Film Festival. Apart from free screenings the main benefit appeared to be getting free cigarettes from incredible looking women. And i don’t smoke. The Festival has to be the best place to be in europe if you have even a miniscule interest in film, fashion, good cheap beer, sun and lots and lots of history. This year i managed to snap Steve Buscemi twice, (at the airport and in the city) and narrowly missed Juliette Binocche, Michael Moore and Jeremy Irons. I’m already thinking of next year’s festival and may turn papperazzu glitteratti at that point… any redbubblers interested in SFF 2008 next August?

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