God Can ride in the Trunk ! Remember the e-mail?

I recieved an e-mail about a teen girl who was experiencing dating and car joy-riding. When she took off on a date her Mom`s words were," May God ride with you." The girl who was in a car loaded with teens replied, " If he does, " He`ll have to ride in the trunk as there is no room in here. Later, the car was in a crash and all the teens didn`t survive. Yet, the whole car was demolished but the trunk. When the cops opened the trunk inside they saw a crate of eggs, all intact not one crack in them. How was it that all the teens perished yet these eggs were unscathed? Anyhow.. This goes with my thoughts as you will see later in the story.I have a young man whom is very special in my life. Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh. I was blessed to have one grandchild. I watched this child grow and the years rapidly passed by. I protected him as much as I was able to, all of his life thus far.Children grow and there comes a time when they need their wings to fly. I`m a difficult one to let go of the apron strings. Love is deep and fear is overwhelming of the dangers in life. I know being overbearing is not good. Over-protective…That is me…in a nutshell.I had come to the realization that I cannot be with the young man 24/7 and I am but a Grandma. I know it was time to let my young grandbaby be free to roam. To learn to make mistakes and become aware of the ways of the world. I have taught him all I can. I have tried to instill goodness and awareness in him. Caution is necessary in this day and age with every aspect of a young person`s life. Laws have gotten tougher. It isn`t like it was many years ago.First when he was learning to drive, I had him drive grandpa around here and there for a few months. This way I was pretty sure he would learn to drive safely. Then the real test is was to drive Grandma short distances.

Grandma`s always been a back seat driver. Soon the young grandson found that out. Grandma doesn`t like to come across as being a meany at all. However, I told the youngster one day as we were driving along…. I realize that the Semi-truck driver is riding pretty close to your tail. I know you are getting upset and nervous over it. However, riding the shoulder of the road hoping he will pass is not a good thing. If you want him to pass, and you are upset that he is tail-gaiting you, then put your signal on pull over to the shoulder and stop the vehicle until he passes. Then you use your turn signal and you re-enter the lane. You don`t ride the shoulder, because he doesn`t have enough room for one. Even if he had enough room to pass you, your tire could catch a nail, wire or glass then get a flat, or hit a soft spot and roll the car. He said “One flat tire wouldn`t roll you into the ditch. It would need to be a bit more of a drop off or angle.” (then the one we were along side of ) to end up making you roll." I said, " I`m telling you, so you know. I want you to learn and be aware. He said, "If you want to complain, All right you drive! " So, he parked the car. He was ready to take off his seatbelt and have me drive. I said, “Stop! I want you to drive, and I`m not criticizing your driving. I`m trying to help you because I love you.” Tears began to fill my eyes. I said, in a soft calm voice, " I`m sorry if I came off to be critical. I meant to help you and teach you, not to upset you. You mean the world to me. I love you dearly, I think you know that by now. I`m only trying to help." He said, “Grandma don`t cry.” as tears whelled up in his eyes. “I know, and I`m sorry. Sometimes I just lose my cool too quickly. Grandpa, was right when he said that.” We both hugged and continued our ride.

We got home and the grandson later that evening had left as planned. So he could spend some time with his Mom, Dad and friends.So… prewarned and lectured and spoken to with long chats, this sweet young man heads out into the real world. Driving, dating & hanging out with friends. Of course I put the who, what where, when, ( and what time will you be back ? ) before he was allowed to take off with a vehicle. At his home I don`t have a lot of say so. However, I do when he is under my roof. The rules are basically the same though. He went home for the week. I knew he would be driving around with friends.Soon after my Grandson left, I began to pray. I said, " Lord, help him..I cannot be there to protect him. If I could… I would put a bubble around him and protect him forever. Now, I have to hand him over to you to watch over. He has to experience the world. I ask you to ride with him dear Lord, and not in the trunk, but on his lap if you have to. Please, I ask this in your son Jesus` name.?" “I love you God!” I trust in you. I need you to guide him and care for him now, as I can`t be there. May you let him hear my words of wisdom echo in his ears when he attempts to do something dangerous or wrong." Lord Please, hear my plea! I thank you because it is out of my hands now. It is up to him…and YOU…God." Thank you for all you do and please help us all?"I left my problems at his feet. I stopped fretting. Trusting and putting my faith in the Lord.I went about my daily business and This time I even went off on my own. I went to enjoy life a bit by myself. I soon got a call. This was one of the very few times that I have taken off solo recently. My first thoughts were, Gheeze I can`t do anything without being tracked. When I got paged and went to the desk they gave me a number to call. I called and no one answered. I called again. I was a bit irate. I had no clue as to what was going on. I left a voice mail stating “I don`t know what the heck is happening, and I can`t call back. This is a payphone.” With a I`m heading home in a sharp tone, I headed out to my car and jumped in and headed down the road to home. Not wasting a minute. Wondering what in the world was going on.

I arrived home only to find a note, to call the husbands cellphone. I did and of course he asked me where I was. I said home of course like I said I was going. He said stay there I`m heading back to get you. Chad`s been in an accident. He`s okay but they mercy flighted him to the city. (50 miles away). I`ll explain more when I get there. So when he came home he had stated. My grandson had gotten into an accident. The vehicle he and his friend were in toppled over three times. No drugs, and no alcohol involved. I`m not sure on all the details yet. All I know is the kids are both alive. Lucky some say, to come out of such a situation, with their lives.

My grandson was diagnosed with a concussion & a slightly cut finger. The other young man with a dislocated collar bone and a broken finger. The Police and the emergency paramedics and the collision shop owner said…Luck was with them. …

I Praise God!

My husband ( a person who has had some skeptism in the recent past. ) Went to photograph the area where the wreck occured. He came back to get me. He said you have to see something. He said, “Either my eyes are messing up or… You take a look in that tire mark and tell me what you see.” With the camera`s lens I saw what my husband was in awe of. In the tire marking as we had looked through the camera`s lens viewer, we had seen the face of Jesus….Praise God! For he rode with those boys that evening. No one will ever convince me otherwise.My grandson`s head hit the ground. His window was open, as was the passenger`s side window. The air bags of course didn`t deploy. As it was a roll over, side to top to side again. The boys seat belts were on. I did teach him something! My grandson is a huge fellow. He is 6’4" tall, quite hefty too. The glass all shattered. Every window broke out. The doors all bowed and jambed shut. They used the jaws of life to extract my grandson from the vehicle. His head is all swelled, like double it`s size. I pray all is well inside. He is talking, walking, eating, resting and using the facilities. They said at the hospital that all the swelling is on the outside. He has a concussion of course. Yet nothing appears to be wrong internally otherwise.I am praying they are right. It has only been one day and they have already sent him home. The other young man is home also. We have already checked on him. I praise the Lord over and over and over again. I am so thankful. For he is my only Grandson. My only grandchild.Yes, there are MIRACLES. I have just witnessed one here. Believe it or not!

The boys have been healing well. The friend that was with the grandson used the grandson`s cellphone to call for help. Quick acting on the boys part. Luckily I had just purchased a phone card with 60 minutes on it just prior to the grandson leaving our place. The grandson was in and out of consciousness. The boys although both were in pain were both more worried about eachother than themselves. One, then the other, saying," I`m ok go check on..Chad/Tommy" (the other one).. The paramedics tended to both of course.

After the accident Tommy still had the cellphone in his possession. Due to his heroic actions, my grandson told Tommy to keep his cellphone. That was the least he could do. The insurance company picked up on the bills of course.

God Can ride in the Trunk ! Remember the e-mail?


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