I Sold 4 Cards Yesterday

Not from this site, sorry to say. Yesterday sent me an e-mail saying I had sold four of my Cloud with a heart in it cards. (Love From Above.) I of course wrote a verse in it. I think that may be another reason it sold too. I just want others to know there are other places to sell too, and this is one of them.

Today I Saw Two Angels

Several years ago, back in 1998, on the internet in cyberspace I began typing to a person I had never met in real life. It was just another faceless entity. This man I called mr_angel. The words would flow with ease. We conversed in typing for several years on a daily basis.Then we began to send cards at Christmas time. We confided in eachother. We spoke of many things that we maybe wouldn`t have said to someone else close to us. He was having many difficulties in his personal life. I listened alot and tried my best to help him through those times. He was having many issues to deal with divorce, Dr.`s, lawyers, family, living accomodations, loss of job, the works. I communicated with him through all this.Time passed. A lasting friendship had been built out of this. I helped him the best …

Testing and Learning

I wanted to paint you a rainbow. A Pretty Picture of Life. I climbed the ladder to try to reach up high. The rain drops poured like tears from heaven. The sun it warmed my heart. As I reached the very top step. It was as high as I could climb. I saw the rainbow painted for me. I knew that it was mine. All of heaven knew I loved rainbows, so the angels painted one for me. It was just outside my door. The only thing they asked of me to repay them for their chore. Was to share with others what they had done, and they asked of me no more.

I just wanted to see if I am able to put up an image of mine and add the words anywhere besides where I upload them. Thank You Gordon Tant! for your easy explaination on how to accomplish this!

I`m not sure about rights

If I buy a pillow and it has a Superman emblem on it and I photograph it on my husband. I don`t leave it the same color. I make artwork from it, Including the pillow then, Am I infringing on a copyright law? I don`t understand. It isn`t the superman himself only the S emblem. I took it down of course, because I don`t want to step out of line. It`s not something I care to do. So I guess when in doubt. …don`t do it.

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