Today I Saw Two Angels

Several years ago, back in 1998, on the internet in cyberspace I began typing to a person I had never met in real life. It was just another faceless entity. This man I called mr_angel. The words would flow with ease. We conversed in typing for several years on a daily basis.Then we began to send cards at Christmas time. We confided in eachother. We spoke of many things that we maybe wouldn`t have said to someone else close to us. He was having many difficulties in his personal life. I listened alot and tried my best to help him through those times. He was having many issues to deal with divorce, Dr.`s, lawyers, family, living accomodations, loss of job, the works. I communicated with him through all this.Time passed. A lasting friendship had been built out of this. I helped him the best I could. When things got better for mr_angel, he decided to surprise me. He came to thank my family and myself in person. He traveled many miles to meet the strangers who helped him through the bad times. Then after a few days in our town, mr_angel went back home.
we continued to communicate via phone and the internet. However, mr_angel ran into some difficulties. He was at a gas station and the canopy over the top of the pumps fell and hit him on the head. It knocked him unconscious. He had alot to endure afterwards. I had lost communication with him. The site we were communicating on closed down. mr_angel didn`t have alot of computer knowledge. He had lost my phone number and his was no longer working. He had also moved so I had no address to write him. Circumstances were leading him in other directions. When I had last heard from him, he was having severe headaches, from the accident. I tried many times to locate him. Although I was fearful of contacting his family. I wasn`t sure how things were between them all. I wanted nothing but to know he was alive and ok. Anyhow, several years had passed since I had heard a word or had a card at Christmas time from mr_angel. His last known address I had, but that had changed. I think it was the year 2001 or 02 he had that incident at the gas pumps. I had gotten a card that December. Several months passed and I had heard nothing from him. Then the months became years. I had began to think the worse. I asked other people on the internet that lived in his state if they heard of him. Or knew him. I had contact with some people that lived in the city that he lived in but they didn`t know him. However they had ways to tell whether the person was residing in that town. They investigated and he was no where to be found. I contacted by e-mail the town`s newspaper editor to see if they would have any contact with him. mr_angel had wrote an article in their paper once. I recieved no reply. I began to feel hopeless about the situation. I felt the loss of a great friend. We had communicated on that daily basis, on the internet for more than 3 years, prior to meeting.
Then today, I wake up to the phone ringing. The voice on the other end says, “Hello!”
I yell out “Oh, MY God..(Put his name here), I thought you were dead! Lord have mercy! Thank God! it`s you and you are ok!” He replied " How about coming to the coffee shop downtown, so you can see just how okay I am". I woke up the husband and the grandson and we all met for coffee. It was the most delightful morning wake up I have had in years! What a beautiful sight to behold! I pray we never lose contact again. I know we won`t be communicating as often as before. For the circumstances have changed for the better. For that I also thank the good Lord! I`m just so delighted mr_angel is alive and well, and things are looking up for him and his family. He is still divorced, yet I believe there is some understanding and acceptance, which replaced hurt and pain.
Back on mr_angels last visit he saw this stained glass angel and wanted his photo taken beside it. We had sent him the photos afterwards. Those photos were lost somewhere in the shuffle during his moving from place to place So today we revisited that very same angel. We did a remake of the photos. However, the stained glass window with the angel wasn`t the only angel I saw today, and for that I and my family are truly greatful.

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