Don`t read if You Don`t Believe in the Lord!

I am so blessed. I am so happy. The Lord has been smiling upon me lately. So many times I cannot believe it is true. I can`t explain the extent of it all. I do know he hears my prayers. I know he has been guiding me. I know he has changed me. I walk with him. I do talk with him. He is my Lord. I thank him so much for all the beauty he puts before me. I cannot believe my eyes. I cried today. From just seeing a rainbow again. This is the third time in a week I have seen 1 double rainbow and two others. This is unusual for me. I asked him with all clouds covering the sun … please shine the light for me so I can see a rainbow Lord? Can you please do that today for me. Lo and behold before me he made this great big rainbow. It was raining still.. I just can`t express the feeling. He hears me. I feel his presence. Like a big smile for me. I was overcome with the pure joy of him showing me this beautiful sight. He has a pot of gold and it is mine because I am his. I can`t possibly relay how this feeling is so overwhelming. It`s like a big hug from heaven. You don`t have to believe. It`s not important that you do. It is important that I do!

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