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How To Add Pictures To Your Profile

I’ve had a lot of people bubblemail me the past week or two asking me how to do this. So, I thought I’d write a journal explaining how.
Go under “Edit My Profile” in the “About Me” section and type in the code(s):

To insert a picture that clicks to another website or page:
! yourpictureURL.jpg !

There are NO spaces in the above code. That is exclamation point, website URL to the picture that should end in .jpg for most of you, exclamation piont, colon, the website you are linking the picture to.

To insert ONLY a picture without it linking to a website:
! yourpictureURL.jpg !

Once again, there are NO spaces in the above code. Add an exclamation point at the very beginning and end of the picture URL address that most likely will end in .jpg.

Also, Webgrrl has a great list of codes here

Bubblemail me if you have any more questions!

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