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a local news station did a story about my son Timmy! You see Timothy has a disease that keeps him from eating food. So, after years of testing…adding and removing food…we have found the Venison is the only meat he can eat! My dilema? WHERE and HOW am I supposed to get deer for my son?! So, I called our local station and asked for their help! Well, they helped alright! Not only did we get tons of calls from the story airing here – BUT, FoxNews.com picked up the story and posted it…and BAM! People from all over the country – Nebraska, New York, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Arizona, Mississippi, and more than I can’t remember! So – now, Timmy will NEVER want for deer! EVER! We are set for life! It was an amazing experience, and has restored my faith in Humanity! The only negative thing we experienced was a website for vegetarians … Most were understanding…But, others were just down right mean! I went on that msg board to educate them, and let them know WHY! It was a good opportunity to educate people about his disease! Anyway – I just wanted to share this very positive thing that has happened to us recently! It has been quite a ride! Gotta love it when people pull together…and for one little boy! WOW! Really filled my heart! :)

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