Today, while driving to the post office with my 6 yr old (timmy) in tow…I was complaining about something. I think it was the traffic. I said “this is a PAIN”. And, he said to me “Not as bad as not being able to eat food!”. It KILLED ME! Broke my heart in two! And, it made me realize, that EVERY SINGLE DAY, I complain about things that are SO TRIVIAL! TINY things…while my child has to go through each day wondering why he can’t have candy, or FOOD~ While I was in the local drug store buying diapers, he was reading (yes he read well) the ingredients on candy at the register, to see if he could have any! He says “EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAVE CORN SYRUP OR CITRIC ACID!” Which he is SEVERLY allergic to (asthma, hives, vomitting)… He goes, “I just want to be normal. I hate my body! All I want is a treat or any food. I am tired of not having stuff! And, when I do get to try it, my body doesn’t like it!” I don’t know how I didn’t break down and cry right there – BUT, it killed me inside. Broke my heart .. it’s still breaking! I would give up everything in this world for a cure for my angel! I just want him to enjoy those little things in life … cookies, candy, cake, BREAD, etc…the things that most of us take for granted. So, everytime you take a bite of food, taste it. Enjoy it. How many meals do we rush through. My son would LOVE to taste something other than deer and applesauce! I am DONE worrying about trivial things…He really put things into perspective for me today when he said that! “Not as bad as not being able to eat food!”. What a kid! MY HERO! :)

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