Good News ! September 22 - October 6, 2009

Hi all my Friends, some lovely news this periode that, as usual, I’d like share with you :

WINNER in the “Your Best Chandelier” Challenge (October 4, 2009) launched by “Light up My Life” Group

Crystal Beauty

Top Ten Placements in several Challenges

Proposal (selected) – “Banner Challenge For “TOP TEN” Placings” (September 22, 2009) launched by “Old Things – 3 Per Day” Group

Hearted Sweety Window – “Cottage Windows” Challenge (September 22, 2009) launched by the “Cottage Style” Group

The Cathedral in a shop-window – “Black and White: Your Choice” Challenge (September 26,2009) launched by “Christian Churches, Statues and Crosses” Group

Proposal – “A New Banner Challenge” (September 30, 2009) launched by “The Woman Photographer” Group

Proposal – “It’s About Time For A Feature Banner Challenge!” (October 2nd, 2009) launched by “About Time” Group (2nd place)

Diana – hunting goddess – “Your Most Spectacular Spiral” Challenge (October 4, 2009) launched by “Flame Apophysis” Group

C’mon – “Singing Gulls challenge” (October 4, 2009) launched by “SEAGULLS” Group

Sails Lamp – “Your Best Standing Lamp” Challenge (October 4, 2009) launched by “Light up My Life” Group

Restaurant Café-Shop at Innsbruck – “WHAT’S THE NAME ???” Challenge (October 6, 2009) launched by “SHOPFRONTS” Group

Featured in several Groups

Pastel Peach Dropped Dahlia – “Rain Drops & Water Art – Fresh Water Only!” Group – September 22, 2009

The Fisherman Fountain – Palazzo Vertemate Franchi – “Statues and Such” Group – September 23, 2009

Just Picturesque,
Lovely Window,
and Hearted Sweety Window
featured in "I LOVE ITALY” Group – “ITALIAN WINDOWS” Series – September 24, 2009

Ebe – youth goddess – “A Fractal Energy Passion” Group – September 25, 2009

Restaurant Cafe-Shop at Innsbruck – “SHOPFRONTS” Group – October 1st, 2009

Many thanks to the Members who voted for my images, allowing me such placements in Challenges and many thanks to our Great Hosts and co-Hosts for featured my shots and for their hard work as Moderators of these Groups.

Last but not least, a VERY special thank to you all, my Friends, for supporting and encouraging me so beautifully

Hugs and love


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