"Dotsie Bug Finds Her Purpose" children's book

I have been very blessed by having a children’s book published by Tate Publishing. I wrote the story to encourage my young daughter about everyone is different in their own way, some obvious ways and not so obvious. The story promotes anti-bullying and diversity. We are all diverse for a good reason and for divine purpose.

By a glorious twist of fate, I used my long career as a visual creative professional to a literary expression in order to encourage my daughter that everyone is unique by divine design. Historically I used my design and animation skills to tell stories visually, but this time I wanted to write this one down. “Dotsie Bug Finds Her Purpose” is a tale of a unique little ladybug who feels she was a mistake. The story tells about how Dotsie Bug discovers that being different is actually a gift from God and that it should be celebrated!

My author’s site is Dotsiebug.com
Please take a moment to check it out. It was fun to design it. I have to give credit to Tate Publishing’s illustrator Kathy Hoyt. She did a fantastic job on my book. If I had been given my way & illustrated it, the book would still be on my desk. Paying clients get my time first.

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