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Endings and beginings

That I hope is going to be the last of the endings for many months or even years? I have spent many years in this place, first growing to a young adult and then leaving for the short duration of my abreviated marriage. That just managed to last into the first 11 months of my sons life and just 2 years and 2 months from my vows! After that first bitter taste I was very reluctant to take the step ever again, and I still am!

But back to the point of this entry. The point is that I have known most of the people in this small village for most of my life but never before have I known a time like this and I am really beginning to worry about my mother more than before. First Barbara Edwards died from a heart attack just a few days before Christmas, then another friend lost her mother. Another couple have got altziemers bad and are now in a nursing home, the old village policeman who used to have us trembling with fear and great respect, well he died 2 days ago, and my neighbour Barry Wesson died 2 days into the New Year….. :(

Please please do let the 4 Horsemen take a good long holiday this year, it would do everyone a power of good…….

And now I have a cold, it’s so minor in the scope of things but it’s still bringing me down so I can’t find the energy to get things done! Perhaps writing about this will help me feel better? lol

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