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What do you think? Please reply to Artmonger – Administrator of Sarcastic Witticisms

I have copied a message he has just sent out and as so many seemed to have wished to have entered this fun comp, you may wish to bubblemail him to say yay or nay to another!

I’m sending out this email to gauge people’s responses.

Due to the popularity of my first challenge, I am thinking of doing another one. The next one (if I have one at all) would most likely start around the first of December. Now, my questions are these:

1) Do you think it would be well received?

2) Depending on the theme, would you be willing to participate?

3) Whether you did or did not participate, would you be willing to help “promote” it?

Earlier today I had an idea for the next, if any, challenge. I thought that maybe I could do a “People’s Favorite Personal Work on RB” theme. Also, I’m seeing a lot of people commenting about how they missed the first challenge and how they wish they could have been involved in it. So, another possibility is doing a “Shittiest Work 2” challenge only this time there’s a theme. Something like “your shittiest building shot” or “your shittiest shot of a person”. I’m just not sure. So, more questions:

4) What do you think of a “People’s Favorite Personal Work on RB” challenge?

5) What do you think of a “Shittiest Work 2” challenge?

6) What do you think of a theme for a 2nd “Shittiest Work” challenge?

Any responses or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There is no need for any type of immediate response, so please don’t feel as though you have to reply tonight/today.

Thank you in advance,


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