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I thank all the fabulous artists on Redbubble for inspiring me to improve my photography. These days I mostly take portrait shots and on...

Another 3 buses came along, can you Adam and Eve it?

Laughing, dancing and prancing, can you Adam and Eve it? Not that I have probably got that right, being only a Southerner and not a Cockney! Anyway to get to the point
another 3 buses have come along!!

ONE FOR THE ALBUM GROUP have given me the honour of not only being a featured member but also that ME AND GRANDAD is to be Avatar for a week :O)) Thanking the wonderful Susan Davies

THEN low and behold the PINTO HORSES GROUP have featured my picture of TOBY AND PINTO JUMPING INTO THE FUTURE thanking the moderators so very much for this feature :O))

So from having an average of one feature about every seven days, I have now had six featured images, one Avatar and 2 featured members in three days! So amazing :O))

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