Crediton, United Kingdom

I thank all the fabulous artists on Redbubble for inspiring me to improve my photography. These days I mostly take portrait shots and on...


Firstly I gave up on the manuals and just fiddled pointing my camera at nothing great and twiddling and fiddling and yes I managed to get different exposures! And have created (for my eyes only, as the subject is rather dull and boring) my first real HDR’s!
So that was exciting for me!

Next I have just gone through 6 or 7 pages of my watchlist and commented, but can’t go back to when my wrist played up, well pins and needles actually in my fingers, as it/they are starting to twinge again a definite sign of some sort of RSI!!! So I am sorry if I have missed your work, but I will try to keep up, wrist etc permitting from now….

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