The Building of Brisbane series [w/ pics]

As anyone who lives in Brisbane, Australia, will know, the city is basically one big construction site at the moment. I’m talking tunnels and bridges and busways and skyscrapers. The place is definitely on the way up.

Having lived in Brisbane for most of my life, I find this time in its history really interesting. I mean, you can actually see the changes happening day-by-day. The pace is so great, I’m wondering if anyone is taking the time to record the construction itself, and more importantly, life before construction.

So I’m thinking for the next few months, I’m going to try and dedicate my work to this end. Although I tend to sit more on the abstract side of photography rather than the documentary side, I think it will still be an interesting project to experience.

If there are any other photographers who have an interest in such a project, please let me know. Also, for all the urban/abstract realism/urban realism photographers out there, you should definitely head to Brisbane and get in on the action. You only get a boom like this once in a generation!

construction of northern busway, outside royal brisbane hospital
(click image to enlarge)

earth moving

northern busway

alone at last

the worker delta is a hard woman

fencethe site

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