i'm boycotting photoshop

yes, that’s right. from now on, all images i add to this site will be free from post-editing of any kind, except for image rotation.

why am i doing this? well there are two reasons…

the first is to do with learning. i’m still only just starting out in photography and i know i have a lot to learn regarding all facets of the craft – lighting, composition, technical aspects etc. i think the best way to learn something new is to get hands on experience and to make as many mistakes as is needed to improve.

this means taking a lot of photos, most of which will probably suck. with photoshop i know i could make a few of these look half decent or even good, but i feel like i’m cheating myself and not getting the full value out of my hours and hours of snapping.

i find photoshop also changes the way i actually take shots, because in the back of my mind i’m thinking that even if a shot doesn’t turn out how i want it out of the camera, i can go and edit it later to look how it ‘should’. for me, this is an unwanted distraction and usually results in me rushing my shots or being lazy and not composing them properly.

the second reason is more of an artistic philosophy. i like when things are simple, cut back, and raw. i find this especially appealing in music but photography comes a close second. i’m by no means a purist, but i tend to shy away from art that feels too manufactured (although i guess everyone feels this way).

i should say that i am in no way against other people’s photoshopped work, and i have seen some amazing stuff from people on this site. this is more an experiment in my own creative practice. let’s hope it turn out ok.

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