Travelling without your (good) camera [w/ pics]

…. Don’t do it.…

11 months ago I set out on a backpacking trip around south-east Asia. My plan was to pack pretty light and only take what I absolutely needed. Two weeks before I left, my good lens happened to break, thus presenting me with a dilemma. Do I take my big, heavy camera (Canon 40D w/17-85mm, 50mm) and risk it being a big, heavy brick in my bag, or do I leave it behind and be free and unrestrained in my travelling adventures?

After 11 months on the road, the answer is definitely TAKE THE BIG, HEAVY CAMERA! Travelling presents so, so many opportunities to shoot in new and fresh environments. I’ve seen things out here that I could have never dreamed of back home, whether it be stunning rice terraces in the Philippines or Hindu men with spears through their face in Malaysia or vill

Square does Christian rock... [w/ pics]

Christian rock you say? But I thought square was all about photographing brick walls and gutters and reflections in puddles…?…

Well yes, that is true, but over the easter long weekend I was sent out by my work (online news company) to cover the ‘Christian Big Day Out’ of music festivals – Easterfest 2009.

Now sure, it’s probably not the same as shooting for the real Big Day Out, or any of the other big music festivals, but as far as Christian music goes, Easterfest is a big deal, with some 30-40,000 people attending over three days.

Despite it not really being my scene, I have to say it was pretty fun running around with a media pass shooting everything from bands to carnival rides to moto-cross. Made me feel like a real photographer (one day quare, one day…………)

Here’s some of the shots fr

The 'as is' experiment - a review [w/ pics]

As some of you may be aware, for the last few months I’ve been undertaking a personal photographic experiment in which i’ve decided to boycott the use of any kind of post-processing software and only shoot ‘as is’, straight from the camera.…

Well, three months have now passed and I’m here to report in with a status update.

As is experiement = success

Well, success in my book anyway. I’ve definitely learnt a lot about the basics of photography and how to control the key elements of light, motion and composition in camera. This has taken quite a bit of mental effort and a lot of fiddling around with variables and parameters to work out how to get the image in my head into the glass rectangle in the viewfinder, but i feel like i’m starting to see dividends.

This experiment has meant I’ve need

The Building of Brisbane series [w/ pics]

As anyone who lives in Brisbane, Australia, will know, the city is basically one big construction site at the moment. I’m talking tunnels and bridges and busways and skyscrapers. The place is definitely on the way up.…

Having lived in Brisbane for most of my life, I find this time in its history really interesting. I mean, you can actually see the changes happening day-by-day. The pace is so great, I’m wondering if anyone is taking the time to record the construction itself, and more importantly, life before construction.

So I’m thinking for the next few months, I’m going to try and dedicate my work to this end. Although I tend to sit more on the abstract side of photography rather than the documentary side, I think it will still be an interesting project to experience.

If there are any ot

the world is a joke but no one's laughing

is it just me or is the world just getting way too serious?…

over the last week or so i’ve been trying my hand at a bit of street photography in and around the brisbane cbd. nothing too special, just the usual kind of stuff like buildings, laneways, street signs etc.

in that week, i reckon i’ve been told off by security guys, or guys in suits who act like security guards, at least five times. now i’m not a total fool. i understand the concept of private property and i totally appreciate that the owners of the property have every right to request that i don’t take photos on their premises.

that’s cool. no problem there. however. tonight i was told off twice for photographing a laneway in the city that happened to share a wall with an upmarket shopping centre. i was told the owners of the pr

i'm boycotting photoshop

yes, that’s right. from now on, all images i add to this site will be free from post-editing of any kind, except for image rotation.…

why am i doing this? well there are two reasons…

the first is to do with learning. i’m still only just starting out in photography and i know i have a lot to learn regarding all facets of the craft – lighting, composition, technical aspects etc. i think the best way to learn something new is to get hands on experience and to make as many mistakes as is needed to improve.

this means taking a lot of photos, most of which will probably suck. with photoshop i know i could make a few of these look half decent or even good, but i feel like i’m cheating myself and not getting the full value out of my hours and hours of snapping.

i find photoshop also changes the wa

new camera

last week i finally received my new canon 40D, and i have to say, i’m pretty damn smitten with it. although it’s not the latest or greatest piece of gear, it’s a massive step up from what i have been using (mostly a borrowed nikon d40) and represents the biggest step so far towards me becoming a ‘real’ photographer.

since i’ve had it, there has rarely been a day or night i haven’t gone shooting and feel like i’m on a steep learning curve. i keep having to curb my enthusiasm and remember that i don’t have to rush my shots. this is where i am learning the most and probably where i need the most attention.

anyway, hopefully i’ll be adding a lot more to my profile.

rad artist

there was a really amazing shot on the homepage today of a clothes rack taken with a polaroid camera by omogato. i was really blown away with this shot, as well as the rest of his work.

i find these photographs really intriguing. something about the way light is used, or maybe its the polaroid format. some of the abstracts omogato has taken are just brilliant and i certainly recommend you take a look.

*note. if anyone has a polaroid camera they no longer want or need, i’ll be very interested in buying it.

red envelopes

hey hey,

my name is square. how’s it going?

if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve found a red envelope.

congratulations are in order for you, because you didn’t listen to the negative voice in your head that said not to open the strange abandoned envelope on the train/bus/seat, and now you have a free photo.

i’ll be scattering these envelopes in all different places around town, so i’d love to know where you found yours and which one you found.

send me an email at and say hi.



*if you haven’t found a red envelope and you’re wondering what’s going on, leave a comment or send me a bmail and i’ll explain.

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