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Harleston, United Kingdom

Each of my photographs is a little bit of MY journey thro life, my home is where my heart is seen thro my eye. : ) Hope you enjoy the...

Review since July 2008

following my unexpected surprise in being featured on the front of Redbubble… even for 24 hrs.. I thought i would look back since i have joined and review what has happened. More for myself and to keep a record than to ‘blow my trumpet’, so please dont think that I want to shout out from the roof tops how good I have been etc; because I havnt but want to encourage others to look back at what YOU have achieved in delveloping your own styles be it photographs, digital work, mixed media or scanned art work etc and be ENCOURAGED….

So far I have only sold 3 greeting cards.. great and I hope that those two people really enjoy them and the people they send them too. Many of you will have sold far more and many of you may have not sold any, but there are many out there on Redbubble who enjoy our images and thats why I primarily joined.

sold 1
sold 2

Other exciting things are the groups I have joined and the features they run alomg side the competitions… which i would encourage you all to join as it gets your artwork out there as well as the fun in entering competitions.. you might even win a prize!

– featured in visual texture group

dilapidated buildings (came 3rd in the comp) and featured in group

– featured in heritage in stone group and Textures and Materials group

– Heritage in stone (and 4th in the stillness speaks comp)

– featured in the Heritage in stone group

– featured in the construction and demolished group

– featured in the streetscapes group

So I encourage you all to pat yourselves and each other on your own backs, get out there take photos, do art work, create, enjoy life !n and most of all have fun.

Simon… : )

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