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Harleston, United Kingdom

Each of my photographs is a little bit of MY journey thro life, my home is where my heart is seen thro my eye. : ) Hope you enjoy the...


Cushion Costs

Just a general comment about Redbubble’s costing’s with cushions and inserts !

16×16 inch cover costs £13.63 with insert + P&P + VAT = £24.44
16×16 inch cover costs £13.63 + P&P + VAT = £16.27

The insert with the extra tax and p&p makes the insert cost me £8.17 mmmm checked out and can get an insert for £6.79 post free.

Now I do like RB but do think they need to review p&p costs and how costs are calculated when multiple items are purchased.

Images removed :(

Have others received notifications from redbubble that they have had a complaint about an image with has been specifically National Trust UK. Many of my images of the trusts sites have been removed. :(

Ohhh errr thats Naughty !

Now let me explain, Im not one for naughty, titulating or sexualised photos, but there is a debate bimbling amongst some serious artistic people on RB, who I will not mention as I do not have their permission to do so nor do I need to mention them as ‘I’ am mentioning the subject under my own right.…

I do not profess to be on a high moral ground and I can discuss till the cows come home (English saying) morality, whats good, whats rude, indecent etc – from my perspective.

What I would like to do is open up discussion in as a friendly dialogue as possible the subject of RUDE images in RB… from the soft porn, erotica, down right ohhh my is that what i think it is… eeekk where’s my safe button.

Let me start with a link on whats a definaition of erotic vs porn

D700 Arrives

yes the moment finialy arrived… it arrived after spending over two weeks waiting, see previous journal.

And would you believe it the company I purchased it from via amazon asked me to change my feedback to a positive one as I gave them 2/5.. .errr no.
reasons. no apology for inncorecct emails and details of arival of said camera, no tracking info.
Im just glad that I finially got it and NO extra charges… or import costs… phew.

well here goes lets go get some photos.. : )

Frustrating wait for my D700

After 6 years of hard use, 1000’s of images using my D200 I have finially decieded to upgrade and purchase a D700 with a sigma 10-20mm lense.
Great you all say, yippe I say cant wait.
lense and camera ordered 18th both from different suppliers via
Prime sales inform me of all tracking info, I can easily find where my lense is and how soon it will arrive, even the day when the door bell goes. A pleasure to deal with this company. : )
lense money goes out, item sent and arrives 4 days later after the weekend, great … lets see when the camera body will arrive………. !!!!!!…

Pro Camera Direct using amazon as their shop front, ordered 18th, money taken out and information given as to when arrival… mmm lets see, huge delivery window, which changes within two days to three days later wi

Just a thought on selling other peoples art work !

Ahh yes that got you wanting to look… selling others wrt work.. mmm you think !…

What suddenly occured to me is that we can so easliy purchas others wonderful art work be it greeting cards or posters etc, and some are really very good bargins compared with the mass market at cards are us etc.

Paying £1.50 for an artwork that is original is well worth it, comapred to the mass produced £1.99 brigade.

So my question that occured to me is … do rebbulers buy others artwork to sell it on with a mark up !!!!! Now in the recent past Karen and I sold our cards at farmers markets, shops etc, now we have NEVER sold others works of art at teh same time. If I bought a bunch of cards from YOU at the amazing price of £1.50 and factoring in p&p and then sold them for a profit at the same farmers market as

New edition to my household

Ahhh I hear you say a new baby !… no not quite its a new camera, after much deliberation and seeking advice from uncle tom cobbliy and all, and especially the compact group I decided to purchase a …. drum roll…..…

CANON G12….. so far I have done very little … one photo put on here and several ohh errrr thats not right photos, twisting dials, poking buttons and scratching of what hair remains.
So here is Jenny the cat in B&W with a touch of re colouring.

Yesterday morning I had a dash out to work 5 mins early as the sun was crawling up the sky and leaving red and yellow streaks and a slight mist…. mmmmm I thought lets speed out (of course keeping to the set speed limit), screech to a halt (poetic licience) at Beccles River side and take a few photos to try the camera out… ohhh did I mention

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Suprised to find that I had one of my photos in this years Bungay 2011 calendar – get 2 free calenders and 2 free tickets to any show in the Fisher Theatre, Bungay…

Rubber Duck Homepage featured 19/10/2010…. yipee

Sold a T-Shirt


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