Paul Gibbons

Joined August 2007

Paul is a landscape photographer and Digital Artist based in Lancashire England specialising in Landscape and nature images.


Winter Sale.........

In response to Redbubbles generous double your earnings promotion I am reducing my mark up by 20% until further notice.

I will amend my top selling items by reducing the mark up from 50% to 30%, if you want to buy something plese bubblemail me and make sure that the discount has been performed.

Please take advantage of this offer as soon as possible, it may not last long.

Happy Shopping


Wedding Part Deux

The big day arrived and we were hoping for a nice breakfast and a gentle run-up to 3 o’clock, very shortly reality would kick-in and we would be running around like headless chickens.…

We needed to deliver the wedding dress to Michelle’s apartment as it had been waiting nervously in the wardrobe in our hotel room, well away from the inquisitive eyes of the groom. We walked along Baker Street and onto Marylebone road, the sun was just breaking through the clouds and the forecast was for a nice day, the main thing out of our control had been arranged by a higher power!

Stepping over a heap of bridesmaids and their belongings we carefully placed the dress somewhere safe and welcomed the girls into consciousness on this bright and happy wedding day, we were glad to see that the bride to be had

Wedding Part 1

The weather was fantastic, the organist played as we waited to enter the church, with my daughter by my side I was a very proud father of the bride. The plans we had been frantically making for the last 8 weeks were beginning to come to fruition, and nothing could spoil this day.…

We arrived in London on Thursday lunchtime to begin two days of partying interspersed with panic buying and arrangement making. Eileen and Michelle our bride to be went to Oxford Street to buy some last minute lingerie and other girly stuff, while me and Nicola, my youngest daughter and chief bridesmaid set off for a little sightseeing.

We visited St Paul’s cathedral and walked along the river Thames for a short while before chugging slowly around the circle line to meet up with Eileen later in the day. It was in

Many Apologies........

I have to apologise for not being around so much on Redbubbe for the past few weeks, as I bubbled about a few weeks ago my daughter dropped the bombshell that we had 8 weeks to arrange their wedding which would take place 200 miles away in London…….

The wedding is now THIS Saturday and all is arranged, and if it isnt well its too late now!

So I will be missing for a few days more and then I hope will be back commenting and uploading photos taken on the big day and around London.

So Thanks for everybodys support during this period and I will be back!

Bye for now


3 Home Pages and a Sale!!

First my sale which happened this morning ending a barren spell over the summer, it seems my sales have gone the same way as the sunshine and the economy of the western world, a slippery slope downwards. BUt I awoke this morning to find a third sale of my best viewed, best commented and most favourited artwork Into the Shadows. Many Many thanks to the mystery buyer!…

Three home pages, yes it is true although I have cheated a little because none were for my redbubble site.

The first was a few weeks ago on my zazzle site Proud was featured on the home page.

The on my Imagkind site Carew Castle and Bridge was featured on the home page and today on Imagekind Arches is being featured!

I would also like to thank everyone for all the other features, comments, favourites and views on my work, it r

Incorrect image loaded

Hello all,

Just a quick note to say I accidently uploaded the unprocessed version of my latest image:

I have replaced this image with the new version so please check it out again, If you have already viewed, commented and favourited check to see if you have changed your thoughts, if this is the case please amend your entry or bmail me and I will do it for you.

I would really prefer honest opinions on the altered image.

Many Thanks


Featured Work

Many thanks to the moderators of Light and Reflection 1/24 who have featured my work Autumn rays.

Only 6 weeks to go until my daughters wedding after 2 weeks of frantic arranging, things are coming together. We have a church and a pub (what more do you need?) and now she has a dress, still much to do so apologies if I am not around as much as usual, I will probably be surfing the net looking for bulk confetti suppliers.

Take care


p.s I have had a little time to celebrate our magnificent ASHES victory, well done Engalnd and hard luck to the Aussies maybe next time. :)

*Wanted Photographer London - URGENT *

I have been given a challenge by my daughter, she has set a date for her wedding which is fabulous news!

The date. 10th October …2009! We now have 8 weeks to arrange a wedding 200 miles away from where we live, the venue is in London.

So if there is a photographer out there who has some experience at wedding photography and is available on 10th October 2009 at 3pm for a wedding shoot in London England, please contact me.

If you can bring a cake, wedding car, flowers, dress, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue it would be appreciated.

(The last bit was a failed attempt at humour)

Many Thanks


The Power of Redbubble strikes again.

Earlier this year I recieved an enquiry from a choir in America, this group wanted to produce a CD of their songs and needed an image for the cover.

While looking for suitable artwork they found my work Autumn Rays which they thought was just what they were looking for.

After months of intense negotiations, yesterday the deal was finally reached and my image was despatched for them to use.

This is another testament to the power of Redbubble which continues to make the dreams of artists like me come true.

OK now I am running around the house whooping and cheering.

Many Thanks Redbubble, Brown Brothers USA and all my friends, and artists who have supported and inspired me.



Many thanks to everybody who has viewed my artwork, the number of views on my 199 works of art yesterday passed the 50,000 mark!

That is roughly an average of 250 views per work, I am astonished and very very gratefull, a big hug to everyone who has viewed.

I have just opened a store at zazzle which is here

I also have a store at Imagekind here

I would love to see you there if you have accounts there.

Many Thanks


Important appeal

I have not journaled much over the summer so far, “What summer?” I heard somebody ask…yep must be from England. I am sure summer will arrive soon, well ok sometime in October, well at least it will be warm rain until then.…

Firstly, or secondly if you count the introduction above as the first bit, I would like to thank everybody for viewing, commenting and making favourites of my work, they are all very much appreciated and I cherish each and every one of them.

For people who have not been around long, back in the old days we didnt have a reply button, personally I dont like it. Instead of replying I visit everybody who comments on my work and look at their portfolio leaving comments and favouritings as I go, for me this promotes the work of people who support me, I would rather do this t

Two shock sales!

Good morning, it has been ages since I journaled in fact its been a while since I have been around much on RB, I was just having a short break trying to refresh my artistic juices. I hope it has worked and I should be around more over the next weeks and months.…

I hope everybody is well and enjoying the extraordinary art which is around at the moment. I would like to introduce you to one of my friends who has been supporting my work for a very long time and does not seem to get the visitors she deserves, so please take a look at the work of Claudia Alves

Now to my sales, I was shocked when I arrived on holiday last week that when I checked my redbubble thing on my laptop I had made two sales, a t-shirt, only my second ever t-shirt sale which does make it a collectors item, of

Burn Baby Bur

Group and Web Page Features

A great big Thank You to the groups Nirvana and TUKS for featuring my works London Central Mosque and Carew Castle and Bridge, it always gives me a high when this happens and it is great getting more exposure, many many thanks :)…

I also have a feature page on my web site where I choose one of my works and give a lot more information about it,, if you have time check it out and let me know how I can improve it or maybe its great as is and needs no more work. If this is the case I can sit back and watch the hits roll in and along with that more sales!

The work I have chosen as my next feature is bizarrely the one which TUKS are featuring, Carew Caste and Bridge, so enjoy the page and maybe learn something.

Click the link below to be taken directly to my page…….

View Care

Vogue sold!

Ladies with an attitude
Fellows that were in the mood
Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it
Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it…


The image above was taken last year near a local beauty spot, I decided to call it Vogue as I thought the peacock was striking a pose for me. This has now become my latest best selling work! Three framed prints now sold in the past month. If this carries on I can retire and spend the rest of my days dressmaking and playing on the internet.

This is a typical extract from my blog which you can find here :

my blog

This is also imported into my facebook page, drop by if you are a member of Facebook.


The Blog…………

This morning I recieved a text message from Eileen (aka Mrs Spot) it was a warning that the poo police were out in force, creeping around the

First Canvas Print Sale!

Its amazingly true, only a couple of weeks after selling my first framed print, today I have sold a canvas print of Carew Castle and Bridge.

Many many thanks to the buyer, this image is one of my favorites and reminds me of the week we spent in Pembrokeshire last year.

My website is now up and running which has taken a little time to develop, hopefully this will be a focus for exhibiting my work and somewhere I can explain a little more about my artwork and share extra information about specific works such as technical details and what inspired me at the time.

If you would like to learn a little more and vist my page, the address is or you can click this link :- my web page

Take care


Isnt She Lovely

My work Louise the Llama has been sold as a framed print…faints!…

She really is lovely though (if you are into llamas) those gorgeous big eyes, cute furry ears and eyelashes that any girl would kill for!

But a framed print!!!! … she was bought as a gift for the buyer’s boyfriend and I really hope he likes her. Oh what if their relationship depends on him liking Louise, can I handle the responsibility, chews fingernails.

To comment on Louise please visit her page, she really loves the compliments…

Louise the Llama

I have been feverishly working on my web site which is coming along nicely, my latest idea is to post a lot more information about selected pieces of my work which will include technical information, location, history, what the image means to me and anything else I consider releva

Forty Thousand views!

Just a quickie update, my views have this morning passed 40,000 on 174 pieces of art and my most popular image
Into the shadows has over 2500 views and 127 people have been good enough to add it to their favourites.

40,000 is a massive number, twice the population of the small town I live in. A big thank you to each and every person who has taken time to look at, comment and favourite my work.

I have just had a thought…maybe one person has viewed 40,000 times and I have a really persistant stalker… looks over shoulder.

Thanks again each and every one of you.

Bye for Now


Back Again...

I apologise to anybody who has not had any comments from me for the past few weeks, I have been busy with work, launching my new website and taking a little time with some personal stuff. I have been answering comments where possible and trying to keep abreast of the changes happening with Redbubble, some good and some not so good.…

The good ones which mostly do not affect me are the group stuff which is apparently great, the one thing that has seriously made my life worse is that it is now impossible to go back easily to work I have missed over the past days and week from everyone in my watchlist without a lot of time consuming clicking and expanding the page, so please accept my apologies for not going back to view older work.

If I happen across any work I like I will comment on it othe

My Features and website info.

This week two of my works have been featured in Groups, Wings in the SEA group and
Tequila Sunset in the painted digitally Group, Tequila was also placed 4th in their All things Painted Digitally competition and
Harbour Lights was 10th in the March Avatar challenge in the Harbour Life Group. I am still looking for my first win in one of the challenges, I guess it’s a real challenge to win a challenge…very hmmm challenging.…

I have been a little diverted from Redbubble this week as my Web site hosting service decided that they didn’t want to host websites anymore, so I have been doing a little work on that and thinking how to go forward with my web sites. I decided to keep my and update it during the changeover. This is still very much work in progress and the official l

3 Placings and a Feature....(and other stuff)

My work Ice Heart was placed in the Top 10 in the hearts in Nature competition in the Abstracts from Nature Group and also featured in the Nirvana Group. Thanks to the hosts of both groups and people for doing the clicking vote thing for my work.…

Also my image Into the Shadows my most popular image was placed in the top 10 in the Seasonal Scapes group in their avenue of trees competition.

And Tequila Sunset was placed in the top 10 in the competition for the A twist in the Sun competition by the Sunset Sunrise group. Many thanks to the hosts and voters for their support and hard work keeping things fresh and alive.

I have been reading, yes it may come as a shock to some people but I can read and even write when I don’t have a keyboard…yes using pencil and paper, shocking though it may be

Facebook and Number of Views

I have edited my profile for anybody who has noticed, I know there is that much stuff going on around Redbubble that such a minor change goes by without causing a murmour. Its no big deal just a link to my Facebook page.…

I know that almost being 49 years old it seems a little late to start joining the trendy young things on a social networking site but whatever it takes to get my work out there to this generation of art lovers I will take.

So if you have a Facebook page add me to your list I will return the favour.

One of my images this week has been placed in the top ten in a challenge, my Scottish Rainbow was entered in the Rainbows group for their New Year New Avatar challenge and I think it was 7th if I understand the placings correctly, thanks all who voted for it.

Just a thought abou

New Things

While the rest of England has been sledging and skiing to work this hot and tropical climate in the North West of England has saved us from all the chaos and carnage caused by a couple of inches of the white stuff.…

This however has not been good for my winter scene and snow covered landscape photographs, it did manage to make my new laptop arrive at 3:30pm on Wednesday not the BEFORE noon delivery I had paid for, must be the POST (Post Office Standard Time).

My bubble week has been very good, I have sold a couple of cards of Bluebell Wood

‘Many Thanks to the mystery buyer’

Also two pieces of my work have been placed in the top ten in challenges,

Tall ships in the Harbour Life for the February Avatar challenge and has also been featured in the group.

Parrallell World in the Bridges grou

Featured Artist :)

I am humbled by being chosen by the hosts of For the Love of Jesus group for being their featured artist of the week and selecting my image By God’s Side as the avatar for the week.…

Many, Many Thanks its a great honour to be selected and a fantastic surprise.

A couple of my pieces of art have been placed in the top 10 of challenges set by different groups, they were:

Fallen Icon for the European Everyday Life challenge Typical national, not necessarily stereotype.

Dream Sunset in the Mornings & Evenings — Sunbeams & Storms for their Challenge 4 Silhouette Sunrise / Sunset Post Work only.

Other news this week is that its been slow on the photography front and the art front, work and bad weather have not helped the creative process at all! I may just have to start going through my old folde

Popular pages revealed

How does Redbubble work out what the most popular works of art are? It has long been thought that Redbubble calculates How many people favourite, how many people comment and how many people view each work and then feed all the numbers into a gigantic sausage machine which then gives the artwork a score.…

This is the score which shows how popular a work is…simple!

But this has never been proven! Many have asked, a few intrepid bubblers over the years have tried to break into the Redbubble HQ and discover THE secret, but, bows head, have never been seen again.

I can now reveal the truth, yes you knew it was out there! I have, at great cost discovered the real way Redbubble’s popularity pages work…….

When your art is recieved it is projected onto a huge screen in the basement of Bubble Towers

Weekly Journal # 1

What a strange week its been on the Redbubble rollercoaster, all over weekend the bubble burst its banks and stopped posting work into peoples activity boxes, then once the bug was fixed it decided to make up for lost time and send us double notifications of work.…

Still I am amazed at the wizardry and that this amazing Redbubble machine actually works at all, the number of events and notifications flying around cyberspace must be incredible. Its a wonder our art appears where it should and dosnt end up in some dodgy back street in Bagdad being printed on tablecloths.

My idea of posting a nice link to artists who I admire seemed to hit the buffers and am now still contemplating what I will do next, watch this space.

Now the good news, for me at least.

Golden Lining was placed in the top 10

My comments have caused offence it seems.

It seems that a few people think it is not a good idea to try to promote other peoples work through my comments, I will now stop promoting people this way.

If I comment on your work please go back to thanking me personally

Sorry for any inconvienience caused.

Take care


Tequila Sunset featured! and Important news...

Tequila Sunset featured by the Experimental Photography and Editing group.

Thanks to the hosts for considering this work worthy of a feature.

I have decided that it might be nice to post a message below any comments I make in future such as this…..

Instead of replying to this comment please visit the brilliant artwork of Linaji a valued member of my watchlist.

Of course I will select a different member of my watchlist to be featured.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

OK there was no important news, just the message idea :P

Activity Box not working!

I uploaded Tequilla Sunset my very first attempt at Digital Artwork yesterday and it seems that It did not appear in peoples activity box, it seems Redbubble has had a hiccough.…

I created Tequilla Sunset from 4 different photographs and it was quite popular last time I uploaded it, in fact it was my second most popular work behind Into the Shadows, so apologies if you have seen it before but if you still like it, comment or add to your favourites as these are the things Redbubble use to judge the popularity of our artwork.

I removed the image from Redbubble as it was part of a competition entry, the competition was to name a brand new flavour of Potato crisps and have an image as a tie-breaker, it seems my Smoked Salmon and Dill flavour did not tempt the judges taste buds, but of course t

Sale, Feature and New Year

I know this is a little late but Happy New Year to everybody on Redbubble. I really hope that everybodys dreams come true in this new year.…

I have been on and off redbubble the past couple of weeks due to having to perform my important duties as a father of two girls, that is being the taxi driver! and when one lives in London and the other at university in Edinburgh this taxi has been a little busy…stop the world I want to get off springs to mind, only for a few days though, wouldnt want to get bored.

I have managed to snap a few photographs as I zoom around and have uploaded a couple which I hope people have enjoyed, if you missed them they are Ullswater sunset and Golden Lining which is my presonal favourite shot of the year so far.

I have to thank the mystery buyer of a card which is

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait