Paul Gibbons

Joined August 2007

Paul is a landscape photographer and Digital Artist based in Lancashire England specialising in Landscape and nature images.


Latest News

Where to start? I had a great holiday in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago and have been uploading one or two of the images I have captured, hope you like them, a few more to follow during the week as I dont like to post too many all at once.…

While I was away I had two gorgeous people buy a couple of my works, a card of For You’ and a matted print of Parallel World, many mnay thanks to those people and I really hope you are more than satisfied with the items when they are delivered. Thank you again :)

Today I have had two images featured by the same group in the same day! Still Layers and Time and Tide Waits for No Man for the SEA group, since they are images of well the Sea it makes sense. :)

While I am writing just a quick guide as to how I sort my portfolio of work. The first 3 – 4 images

On Location.........

Tomorrow I start a week long vacation and of course my trusty carmera will be by my side for the whole week. I will catch up on any new stuff when I return. I may get chance to pop online and keep an eye on whats happening but unlikely that I will be able to upload anything.

So please take care of Redbubble and dont break it before I get back, I hope to have lote of new work to add.

Take care


Incredible Redbubble

A little over 12 months ago I joined Redbubble, like everybody it was a step Into the Shadows, into the unknown, like a person walking down a long tunnel not knowing where it will lead or what will happen.…

Since then I have made many friends and had some fantastic support for my work, and I really appreciate the inspiration and comments, favouritings and of course sales of my works.

The big news for me today is that Into the Shadows has just recieved its 100th Favouriting and thanks to a great new and talented Redbubble artist Tamara Valjean for being the 100th person and I wish I could give a huge prize for that lol

Into the shadows stats
Views 1834
Comments 234
Favouritings (NOW) 101

This makes this image in the top 250 images af ALL TIME on Redbubble wow.

I also sold a card overnight of

Englands Rose Featured

Thanks to the Of Noble Birth Group

For featuring my work

This photograph of Diana Princess of Wales was taken in St Austell Cornwall 1984.

Thank you for selecting my work and doing the great work in running and promoting the group.

Thanks to everybody who takes the time to view, comment and favourite my work.

Have a fabulous day.


Group Feature

Good morning fellow Bubble addicts, I would like to thank Amarica

for bringing my attention that my work

was featured this week in the Living Christianity group.

Thanks to the hosts of this group for selecting my work and doing their great work in running and promoting the group.

Note to self..must try harder to keep up with group stuff, or even become a Groupie..or does the term Groupie mean something else?

Thanks Again,


A Great Honour.......

After having the honour of being featured in the Wales Rich in Beauty group my photograph of Carew Castle has won the vote to be featured work of the week!!!!!!

I would like to thank Sue, Wayne, Brian, Tine and Dave for giving up so much of their time to run this great group.

Of course also anybody who voted for my photograph of the spectacular Carew Castle.

I have put my other views of Carew to the top of my portfolio if anybody wants to take a look at them.

whoooo hooooooo !!


Carew Castle Featured

I would like to thank the hosts of the Wales Rich in Beauty group for selecting my photograph of the wonderful Carew Castle as one of their featured works.

I loved this years holiday in Pembrokshire and enjoyed the magnificent scenery and of course the welsh hospitality, I am sure we will be back visiting, taking photographs and spending money! This has made me look back at the photographs I took and maybe I will find another suitable for uploading.

Once again Thank you :)

Copyright infringement (again)

I have just been mailed that my photograph Blue Rain has been seen in the wild wandering around the internet. As I have not been asked or given permission for it to be used my copyright has been infringed again. I have asked 2 sites to remove the image or pay my costs and am still waiting for a reply.

The sites are as follows:



Smashing magazine

Maybe its worth checking if any of your work is on these sites.

Have a graet day

Paul :)


Thank you to European Everyday life for featuring my work Arches which was taken on vacation last year in Rhodes, this is my first ever group feature.

I must admit I am not as active in the groups as a lot of people, so this makes it much more of an honour for me.

How do people find the time?

Thanks again Paul

Matted Print Sale!

A big thank you to the buyer of a matted print of my most popular artwork Into the Shadows.

This has come after a small vacation to celebrate my Silver Wedding Anniversary and my first ever Redbubble paycheck! Maybe now I can pay for the vacation lol.

Take care all :)

Paul's Pride :)

I had begun to wonder what it takes to get featured when my latest artwork Native Pride has appeared on todays Featured page!

Thanks for the honour, I am glad somebody likes it! hehe

Is there only me working today in England? sob, sob :(

Laminated print Sale!

I have written before about life getting in the way of art and it has been that way for the past few weeks since returning from holiday. I have been working on a new website and still am! I bought a new camera which is always a challenge to learn the new functions and features. Also its been raining a lot and as other photographers will testify, these are not great conditions for capturing things at their best.…

Today I have been given a boost, I sold a laminated print of my X File Schnauser photograph! Thank you whoever bought it and I know it will look awesome, I have a copy myself!

The image should appear below.

X File Schnauzer

Thanks also to everyone who has viewed and favourited my work over the past few weeks.

I would like to quote the famous George W Bush Jr

“If we don’t succeed, w

Adding a Quick link from your profile to your Bubblesite

I have started work on my new bubblesite as most people are doing the same I thought it maybe a good idea to put a quick link to your bubblesite on your profile for people to easily follow.…

The steps are pretty simple:

Navigate to edit your profile and in the About you box below any writing you have done enter the following code

  • which makes the text bold
    then the words Quick link to my Bubblesite
    then a "(speech mark)
    then the word here
    followed by a *(star) and a "(speech mark) then a :(colon)

next the tricky bit navigate to your bubblesite and copy the address from the address bar at the top of your browser eg mine is and insert after the :(colon) without a space!

Then click Save Changes

please note do not enter spaces where I have not told you to!


Catching up...

Hi all,…

I have been away with work most of the week, loads to catch up with but only 2 days before I am on holiday!

I hope you didnt miss me too much, next week I am on location in South Wales near Tenby which has some stunning scenery so I hope to get some good shots for my portfolio. Now armed with two camera’s it should be a great opportunity to get used to my new Nikon D60.

I will try to get round to view all the work people have added in my absence, I am trying not to think about the number of pages I need to catch up on eeek.

If you have a holiday coming up soon, have great time and bring back the best work you have ever created. Or just chill and refresh your artistic juices, whatever you need.

Thanks for the comments and all the other stuff, views, favourites etc in the past few


Apologies for not making comments today, its my daughters 21st Birthday and obviously I have been otherwise occupied! I will get to check out work as soon as possible.

Hope you are having a great day.

Thanks for your comments on the mysterious gate photgrpah I took this morning.

Tonight we are out for dinner at a Greek restaurant …let those plates fly ………

Comment soon



Is it worth it?

Yesterday I spent 2 hours reviewing and commenting on new work for people I have not seen before and it was fun. In return I got 5 thanks you’s by reply and zero comments on my work.

Sometimes redbubble can be frustrating.

Maybe I need that vacation.


I have just arrived home to check my redbubble page as any self respecting redbubble addict does and I noticed that my view count has just passed 25,000 !

The actual stats :

170 total, 169 public, 1 private, 25031 views

169 works with 25031 views is a view per work average of 148.11

So a big THANK YOU to everybody who have viewed commented and favorited my work and a special thank you for anybody who has bought my work!

A couple more stats while I am here

3505 views for Lancashire sunset.

77 Favoritings for Into the shadows!

Sales well I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention……

Sounds like the start of a song, well ‘I did It My Way’

So heres hoping for another 25000 views and a few more sales, thanks everyone for your support.

Bye for now


My Blog......

I would like to invite anybody who want to, to visit my Blog page.…

My original blog was started on yahoo 360 where I was voted best UK blogger 2007, since yahoo decided to close their blog site down I moved the blog to multiply which I update most days and add some information about my photographs and art and anything else which may be of interest or maybe amusing.

I have copied todays blog below for comment or information… please enjoy

I am back from my 2 day training course in the New Forrest and it shouldnt be a surprise to find out there are a lot of trees there. Now I can now testify that once you have seen one tree, you have probably seen them all, in itself a tree is generally a boring subject so the opportunity for taking good photographs of trees are few and far between. This is

On Location.......

I have added two shots taken today of some very cute Cygnets, believe me their dad wasn’t cute…hiss hiss and those beaks are lethal. I know 2 images in one day for me is extraordinary but I am away for the rest of this week on location …oops on a training course in the South of England.

My trusty camera will be by my side and I hope to get a few nice shots. I do apologise for not being able to comment or view your work. I promise to catch up on my return.

Keep posting good stuff and if there is any gossip could somebody bubblemail me. I hate being the last to know things.

Take care



Home Page!

As some of my friends and half the world by now probably have noticed my photograph Knights Table made the home page!…

I am very very very Happy and grinning like a demented hyena who ate a box of Happy Pills.

I would like to take this opportuinty to thank a few people, firstly the redbubble hamsters, the people who keep the wheels turning and gave me and all the other bubblers their break.

Next my wife who through thick and thin watches while I crawl on my belly towards a busy blackbird or snoozing swan waiting patiently without a complaint or murmour and even without a latte.

Next my redbubble friends, without you leaving great comments, adding my work to your favourites and of course providing inspiration I would still be a bewildered photographer taking pictures of the dog.

Finally I w

Featured on the BBC !!

My local BBC TV station features a photograph during the weather forecast, i submitted my shot ‘Blue Rain’ and I was dissappointed that it wasnt featured on the show.

The great news is that they have included it on their web site whooo hooo. So my first actual publication is in the bag, what next? National coverage, Sweeping across Europe before World domination…….


OK maybe I will settle for a card sale or two.

Reply button

I spend as much spare time as possible, usually 2-3 hours a day going through my watch-list and making comments and adding items to my favourite list helping to promote art and artists whose work I like. If I have the time I then check out the addition of work which grabs my attention on the recent and featured pages of artists I have not seen before.…

If I have this right and I am sure somebody will correct me if not, redbubble rates artwork on the number of hits, the number of comments and the number of favoritings by other bubblers. The more of each of these the higher up the popularity charts, the higher up the charts, the more exposure which is what everyone wants.

I personally do not use the reply option on my artwork as this does nothing to promote the work of the person who has tak

Happy belated Easter

Happy Easter to all my redbubble friends.…

I am sorry that I had to dash away on Thursday due to a family emergency. It wasn’t really much, have you ever tried to convince your dad who is having severe chest pains to phone the paramedics BEFORE your mum has finished in the bath! Well that is how my morning started on Thursday and I am 300 miles away, needless to say I decided that I needed to be there and make sure all was ok, which luckily it was.

The chest pains are a result of the medication my dad is on for his various ailments settling down. which they now seem to have done. He was discharged from hospital on Thursday evening and I was there to make sure everything continued to be ok and look after mum and dad for the weekend.

I did use the time to get out a little and take a few phot

Old work in Activity boxes.

It seems redbubble is having a bad day, while sorting my images into ‘view’ order it has put a lot of my older images into your activity boxes, its a rb glitch apparently.

Thanks for the great comments, I hope the people who have been checking out my older stuff have enjoyed looking.

Thanks again.

I will leave my art alone until this is sorted.

Take care.



Just a quick apology, I am normally good at keeping up with your work and leaving my comments. Due to circumstances beyond my control my father and mother-in-law were both admitted to hospital at the weekend. Both thankfully are now well on the road to recovery which is the most important thing.…

I am hoping that life does not interfere with my art too much and things will get back to normal soon.

p.s. I am now confident my Feathered friend which was sat sunning itself yesterday while I was walking my dog, is a Young hen Blackbird and possibly carrying eggs.I am sure that if I had tried to put my camera down its beak it wouldnt have moved!

I am not a wildlife photographer due to a lack of patience, but when presented with such a cute and determined specimen such as this I couldnt resist.

First Laminated print sale :-)

You know how it goes, Christmas comes and a flurry of sales and then everyone seems to get post Christmas blues, no money left and no more sales of your work. Disappointment sets in, but then just as you give up hope of selling anything it happens…. another Sale !!

Not just any old sale. my very first Laminated print sale.

A very big Thank you to the buyer, you have restored my fading confidence, onward to the next few months……

This is the Image which was sold…..

I do have some other exciting stuff going on, watch this space!


Thank you redbubble friends and everybody else who has viewed my work. I am amazed how in under 6 months the same number of people as the population of the small town I live in has viewed my work.…

So here are a few facts and figures (I like facts and figures)


109 Works of art

Most viewed work

3377 views (mostly because it was featured on Stumble upon)
6 Favoritings

Next best

57 Favoritings

Journal views 2099

Sales 5 Cards and 1 tee-shirt

Just think is 15002 people had each bought a card that would be somewhere in the region of £3000 enough for a new camera!

I would like to thank everybody and hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy yours, and now I am looking forward to posting my next 109 works and hopefully they wont all be sunsets!

I now h

Home Page!

whooo hoo I made it to the home page!

Well that isnt quite true, my work called Colours of Autumn:

Bought as a card by Natalie Tyler made it to the home page as a buyers booth photograph.

I am really chuffed,

Thanks Natalie and Congatulations on making the home page!

New work 'Carrotcature 5' added

It seems that some works have not been notified into peoples activity boxes, my latest Carrotcature Number 5 is feeling lonely as it isnt being viewed (or maybe it is too crude). If you missed it pop by and take a look.

I think it is the best yet…. comments please, good by comment box, bad by bubblemail as I dont take rejection in public well.



desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait