Paul Gibbons

Joined August 2007

Paul is a landscape photographer and Digital Artist based in Lancashire England specialising in Landscape and nature images.


A great big *THANK YOU*

A quick note of thanks to the buyer of ‘Colours of Autumn’ hugzzzzzzz

This shot was one I took with my old 3 Meg cheapo camera and I returned to the same location when I got my DSLR and repeated the shot as I liked the original so much.

The cards I have bought on Redbubble have been excellent quality, so good that my wife complained that the redbubble card I sent to her for christmas was so good it wouldnt stand up on its own! Note to self next time make a portrait version!

Further to my report that my Lancashire sunset (#1) had been ‘stumbled upon’ it now has an astonishing 2892 views in 4 days! taking my total views to a gobsmacking 11752…. before joining redbubble I never thought it possible.

I would just like to thank everyone for their support and friendship over the past few month

The Redbubble hamster is innocent........

I am concerned that the hamster which drives the redbubble wheel has had a little too much festive cheer. Today I opened my portfolio to check on how many views my work has had on Christmas day, to my surprise my latest work Lancashire Sunset
has had 1819 views in 24 hours.…

Now I realise how magnificent a shot it is but I find it hard to believe that so many people have viewed it in such a short time. It could possibly be an employee of the England tourist board trying to put my image at the top of all the popular charts but I dont think they work Christmas Day, Boxing Day maybe when the holiday and furnature sales start in earnest but not Christmas day.

I was led to believe that the more views / comments and favouritings a work gets the higher it goes up the popular list and this does se

A Big Thank You

I am amazed my most viewed image ’Into the shadows" has just hit 500 views!

I am honoured that so many friends have wanted to look more closely comment and favourite this shot.

1 Sale
40 Favouritings

I wish everybody a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and successful New Year.

Take Care



Does anybody else have this problem, to many pages of stuff in your activity box and not enough time to view each piece of new work let alone leave a meaningful comment? This sounds like one of those cheesy T.V adverts……. “Well all your problems are solved with slime and grime”.…

Sorry I digressed it has become increasingly more difficult for me to view all the new work so I have made a couple of changes. Firsty other people are probably in the same situation so now I upload one work per day at the most, how many works of art did Picasso have? OK I just googled and he had lots, enough to fill a couple of redbubble portfolios, bad example.

But would he have uploaded his whole collection on the same day? I think not, let the audience savour each work of art, let them sip it like a fine wine,

Pimp up your profile Part 2 - Sets

Links to my sets

  1. Cards
  2. Cornwall
  3. Lancashire
  4. Macro
  5. Rhodes

Above is an example of how to send your prospective customer to a specific group of photographs or a set.

Here is how I achieved the above

Place the text ‘Links to my Sets’ or similar between two stars or multiplication signs. This makes the text bold

The next code contains the actual link first a hash or # key, then a space, then speechmark " , star *, yourword (mine was Cards, Cornwall etc) star *, and speechmark " then a colon : and YOUR redbubble address ie

Please note I added the words portfolio, a question mark ?, tag, equals =, and the word cards (note there should be no spaces in the address.

just cut and paste the code and change the tag word as required to make more

Pimp your profile Part 1

There are a few simple things you can do in redbubble to make your text more interesting.…

The text format you would like to use can be accomplished with a few simple symbols placed in the correct location in your Profile, Journal entry, add photo description box etc.

First to make your text bold

Type a star * before and after the text you need to be made bold, without spaces.

Star yourword star (no spaces)

To make this text into a bullet point.

  1. like this

Insert the hash # symbol and a space in front of your text.

hash space yourword

To make a bold bullet point insert a hash # space then a star your word then another star no spaces.

  1. This should be how it now looks

hash space star yourword star

To make a clickable link:


Put your Clickable word between speech marks “like this” then add a

Images on your profile

I have been asked how to get the images on my profile, I hope the following helps.…

A few people have written about how to get images onto your home page. This is a link for some help link

This how to get the image of the card:

Navigate to the location of the card public profile then click the picture of the photograph you want, next click buy preview.

This page should then show your photograph as a card. Using the mouse pointer, point to the photograph and then right click. A box should open which has a number of options, select property’s and click.

Now look under the heading location there should be an address such as http:// etc copy this entire location into the about me section in your profile and insert an exclamation mark at the front and back of this address.

To make this a clicka

Schnauzer with attitude.

OK Hollie is happy yet again, my first t-shirt sale was of course my miniature schnauzer Hollie (see below) who now has an attitude, she is outselling my artwork and dont I know it. Strutting around and pouting like a Hollywood pooch, if there is a redbubble Oscar ceremony she wants in!

She would like to thank the buyer, but I personally would avoid any hugs and kisses (dog breath). Just make do with her happy tail lol

Me well I have just made a couple of purchases, some of my own work just to check quality a calendar and a couple of cards selected from my favourites. I am sure I will be delighted with my purchases, watch this space for a buyers booth photo around christmas.

6000 views and a Sale.

A big thanks to all the fantastic redbubble community for their comments and views on my work, I am hovering on 5999 views and by the time I have written this I will hopefully have reached 6000. Sorry there are no prizes for this although maybe on a bigger landmark, I may give a card to the millionth viewer. I know, I know I am being far too generous but you deserve it.
I would like to offer a very special thank you to the nice person who bought a card of ‘Into tthe Shadows’ a work that I almost didnt put online, it just shows that you can never predict what will be popular and what wont.

Take care and have an awesome weekend.

Sale number 3

I have been fortunate enough to have another sale, this time it was tall ships, a very big thank you to the buyer, I love this picture and I am going to buy one myself.…

If you missed it click here:

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their comments, favour tings and messages about my work, it really does still give me a buzz to think people like my stuff.

I do like to comment as much as possible on other peoples work and learn new techniques, I hope that I am improving because from what I have seen everybody else is as well!

My final thanks is to the people of Redbubble who although this is a business they obviously care about art and artists, you have created an awesome community and an incredible service.

I hope success continues for each and every one of

Tun the page..

OK I am now back and can satisfy my redbubble withdrawal, so with around 25 pages of art to view I am sure this will keep me busy.

I have one small request…

Stop posting new work until I have caught up…….

Ah well no harm asking.

Hope you like my holiday snaps which will be appearing for the next 6 months.

OK Back to my artfest


On Location...

Thanks to everyone who has commented on, favourited, is watching me or most of all have bought my work. I do try to get around everyone on my watchlist and leave comments on art I like, I was going to apologise for not being able to get around for the next few days but I decided that my excitement about my holiday\family visit\ photo shoot for 5 days to Cornwall far outweighs my guilt!…

I know that I have around 6 pages of added artwork per day from my watchlist, that’s 25 pieces x 6 per day times five days is errrrrr 750 new works to look at when I return. I know it will be a challenge, although I will be uploading and editing my new work as well I will apply for a 25 hour day and cancel all sleep on my return.

In the meantime have a great few days and happy shooting, feel free to browse

My second sale ...faint!

OK now I have recovered a very big Thank You to the wonderful person who bought a card of ‘x-file schnauser’

Hollie is planning what to spend her earnings on as I write this, bones or treats are high on the list.

It is an amazing feeling to think that somebody likes something I have created, so thank you again.

If you were here I would probably give you a massive kiss (unless it was a guy then a firm handshake would have to suffice)

So once again Thank You.

mwahhhhhhhhh x

shake ;)

A few thoughts and tips..

OK I can now officially confess I am a redbubble addict. I am by no means an expert on art, having had no recognised training or have any qualifications but I know what I like and if I see something that I do like, I will leave feedback as to what I like about it.…

I don’t leave negative feedback, my mother used to say “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing” and what may not be to my taste somebody else might think is brilliant. I do not think I am qualified enough to leave constructive critisism, there is a forum especially for that if you need it.

I have developed a method for leaving feedback, if somebody takes time to leave a comment on my work I will always check out their work, if there is something I like I will comment. If somebody on my watch list adds a new work, I will ch

It Finally Happened!

I have been a member of redbubble for a couple of moths now and have been reading about people selling their art and saying what a great buzz it is.To be honest I was getting a little frustrated, as success is uplifting, failure is equally demoralising, now I am happy to report I have sold my very first card! A big Thank You to whoever bought it and I hope that the product you recieve lives up to your expectations, see there is still doubt there!

Well I am chuffed as we say in these parts so a very BIG THANK YOU to the buyer and Redbubble for giving me the opportunity to make an exhibition of myself.

If you are waiting for that first sale be patient it will come.

Deep Breaths......

OK deep breaths.

No Redbubble for me for….

Breathe in ..almost

Exhale…Two whole weeks

I guess I am almost addicted!

There is an ‘upside’ to this, the island of Rhodes must have some fantastic photo opportunities!

Make sure to pack the camera.

Do I need another Media card?

I better get another just in case!

Be back soon…

Happy bubbling!


The redbubble buzz

I had a little free time over the weekend and have been interested in experimenting with the RB tee shirt design. My first attempt was OK and received some positive feedback but my second attempt I am very happy with, it was one of those moments just like you see in the cartoons a light bulb came on over my head.

I took the photograph entitled Barbed Tears and thought it was such a striking image that it could be used as the basis of an anti war symbol on a tee shirt. It took a few hours to translate it into the final design, I was unsure which one of two versions I had made and in the end put both up for sale.

I am still buzzing about it and the only thing that could make the feeling better is to actually sell something!

"Redbubble has changed my life”

“Redbubble has changed my life”

I have been a member of RB for two weeks now and ok it could be a slight exaggeration that it has changed my life but I am looking for more photo opportunities and my camera has now become part of my body.

I have upgraded my ancient computer so photo editing is faster, I do not have time for a coffee while a photograph is being rotated 90 degrees and now need to learn how to drive Photoshop.

I think .I will be frequenting the RB Learning centre and maybe posting a question or two (or maybe three).

New Ideas

I have an idea, I realise that having two ideas in as many days is a remarkable occurrence but this is another photography related idea and will be my entry into the Europe section of the Real Photography Competition. When it is completed I hope it turns out as good as I imagine.…

If nothing else joining RB has made me think more about my photography and that is testament to the other people here, their images and styles are unique. If I can learn to look at something in a new way and try to capture the feeling or moment and improve I am happy.

My most recent photograph uploaded was taken late in the evening yesterday, smoke was drifting across a reservoir close to where I live and in the evening sun a cloud of midges was caught in the sunlight. It was a moment where before I would have ju


Some of the photographs I have seen are absolutely incredible, it is almost disheartening to see some peoples portfolios which are outstanding in their quality and quantity. I am feeling a little blown away by it all! As I have been told previously everyone has their own style and a good photograph means something different to everyone.…

I do console myself with the thought that some people live in almost movie set areas of the world with stunning beauty and get an amazing sunset almost to order. It still takes a great deal of skill and that special something to make a photographic masterpiece in any situation.

Having said that I will take inspiration from others and try not to feel too overwhelmed.

I am now thinking more when I look through the viewfinder and am getting more acceptable im

Comment or No comment?

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on my photographs, I was trying to work out how is the best way to reply.…

On the comments in my bubble? or in a comment box for the person who has left a comment on one of their pieces of work. Both seem to work except if I comment in my own bubble the person won’t know I have replied, if anybody does leave a comment I will certainly look at their bubble and leave comments when I can. Does this make sense? It would be nice to have a box on the front page for comments of a general nature to be put or maybe that would make this just like myspace or any of the other social networking sites and I do not think that is what redbubble should be about.

So I am not really sure of the correct way to respond to comments but since there is a will, I will find a way


I am impressed, the level and quality of the work displayed by everybody here is fantastic. So much so it makes my work seem out of place, I guess many other people have the same reservations.…

I have noticed that other people are more prolific than me, their portfolios are overflowing with fantastic photographs and creative artwork but then I am reminded that it is quality and not quantity that counts, although if you can manage quality and quantity nothing could be better..

I am however encouraged by the positive feedback people have made on my work and I will put my doubts about my artistic ability down to the eccentricity of my creative mind, after all many famous artists have been a little unstable.

I do not know what people expect, I don’t really care, it is my expectations which nee

Missed Chances

I joined RB last week and took my camera on a day trip to the waterfall walk at Ingleton in Yorkshire, I was shooting all day and was particularly happy with ‘Waterfall’ and ‘White water’. The following morning I was up early and picked my camera up to take on my morning walk, the batteries were flat, I checked my spares, these were flat as well. For once I thought it doesn’t matter, I have walked this particular route many times and will again in the future, I left the camera at home.…

I crossed the fallen tree pictured in ‘Autumnal Bridge’ and came face to face with a young Red Deer, we were both slightly startled as our eyes met, we were so close I could see the early morning dew on the hairs of its nose and where was my camera? Nestling exhausted in its case at home.

It is a rare sight


My passion for photography was sparked by my late father-in-law, he encouraged me to compose and imagine the form which my finished work was to going to take, to take photographs and not just holiday snaps.

I was born in and love Lancashire, England I hope to share my county and places I visit as I explore digital photography as an art form.

I have been married for 24 years and have 2 daughters who have now started their own lives, this has given me the opportunity to spend more time doing things I love.

I hope to visit as many bubblers (is this the right term for bubble people?) as I can and make comments as much as possible.


I opened my account yesterday and have uploaded a few of my first photographs taken with my new Digital Camera.

For many years I have used different media to express my photographic artistry, it would be fantastic to learn new techniques and evolve new ideas.

I would be grateful for any feedback good or bad, after all we can all learn and grow together.

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait