Happy belated Easter

Happy Easter to all my redbubble friends.

I am sorry that I had to dash away on Thursday due to a family emergency. It wasn’t really much, have you ever tried to convince your dad who is having severe chest pains to phone the paramedics BEFORE your mum has finished in the bath! Well that is how my morning started on Thursday and I am 300 miles away, needless to say I decided that I needed to be there and make sure all was ok, which luckily it was.

The chest pains are a result of the medication my dad is on for his various ailments settling down. which they now seem to have done. He was discharged from hospital on Thursday evening and I was there to make sure everything continued to be ok and look after mum and dad for the weekend.

I did use the time to get out a little and take a few photographs, it is very therapeutic walking along the cliffs in Cornwall trying to capture the perfect photograph whilst trying not to get blown off. There was a gale force 9 blowing on Saturday trying its best to dump me into the ocean, luckily for me it failed.

I hope I have some good shots to share over the next few days

Apologies for not being around to make comments etc, I have a couple of days to catch up.

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