A great big *THANK YOU*

A quick note of thanks to the buyer of ‘Colours of Autumn’ hugzzzzzzz

This shot was one I took with my old 3 Meg cheapo camera and I returned to the same location when I got my DSLR and repeated the shot as I liked the original so much.

The cards I have bought on Redbubble have been excellent quality, so good that my wife complained that the redbubble card I sent to her for christmas was so good it wouldnt stand up on its own! Note to self next time make a portrait version!

Further to my report that my Lancashire sunset (#1) had been ‘stumbled upon’ it now has an astonishing 2892 views in 4 days! taking my total views to a gobsmacking 11752…. before joining redbubble I never thought it possible.

I would just like to thank everyone for their support and friendship over the past few months and take this opportunity to wish everybody a very Happy and successful New Year.

May all your dreams come true in 2008

I have to visit Edinburgh for the weekend, returning my daughter to University, I will be back on Sunday catching up with everyones work.

Since my camera is now part of my body it WILL be with me.

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