Does anybody else have this problem, to many pages of stuff in your activity box and not enough time to view each piece of new work let alone leave a meaningful comment? This sounds like one of those cheesy T.V adverts……. “Well all your problems are solved with slime and grime”.

Sorry I digressed it has become increasingly more difficult for me to view all the new work so I have made a couple of changes. Firsty other people are probably in the same situation so now I upload one work per day at the most, how many works of art did Picasso have? OK I just googled and he had lots, enough to fill a couple of redbubble portfolios, bad example.

But would he have uploaded his whole collection on the same day? I think not, let the audience savour each work of art, let them sip it like a fine wine, make comments that mean something, be more discerning.

I have also checked my portfolio and had a clear out of some of the older less popular work. I have also picked a couple which I think are great but didn’t get any attention the first time round and put them towards the top of the pile.

If I do receive a comment or am honoured by being somebody’s favourite selection, I will still check your work and leave comments.

So my new years resolution (or 20th December resolution) Quality and not quantity on comments / favouritings.

Keep my portfolio tidy.

Controversially remove from my watch-list people who upload lots of work and never make comments on anything I upload.

Spend more time studying and learning from the best, it is never too late to learn.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Successful and Happy New Year

(I am not going anywhere just thought I would get in an early Greeting for everyone)

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