Pimp up your profile Part 2 - Sets

Links to my sets

  1. Cards
  2. Cornwall
  3. Lancashire
  4. Macro
  5. Rhodes

Above is an example of how to send your prospective customer to a specific group of photographs or a set.

Here is how I achieved the above

Place the text ‘Links to my Sets’ or similar between two stars or multiplication signs. This makes the text bold

The next code contains the actual link first a hash or # key, then a space, then speechmark " , star *, yourword (mine was Cards, Cornwall etc) star *, and speechmark " then a colon : and YOUR redbubble address ie http://www.redbubble.com/people/spottydog06/por...

Please note I added the words portfolio, a question mark ?, tag, equals =, and the word cards (note there should be no spaces in the address.

just cut and paste the code and change the tag word as required to make more links to your other sets..

This should all be done in the About me section in edit your profile.

Note all pieces of art with the tag you give them will appear in the set, no tag word and they will not appear.

Have fun!

I have had a little feedback regarding the use of a MAC computer, some of the keystrokes are different, if you search for mac help in the search box others who have had trouble have journaled about it.

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