Pimp your profile Part 1

There are a few simple things you can do in redbubble to make your text more interesting.

The text format you would like to use can be accomplished with a few simple symbols placed in the correct location in your Profile, Journal entry, add photo description box etc.

First to make your text bold

Type a star * before and after the text you need to be made bold, without spaces.

Star yourword star (no spaces)

To make this text into a bullet point.

  1. like this

Insert the hash # symbol and a space in front of your text.

hash space yourword

To make a bold bullet point insert a hash # space then a star your word then another star no spaces.

  1. This should be how it now looks

hash space star yourword star

To make a clickable link:


Put your Clickable word between speech marks “like this” then add a colon

Next navigate to the web page address which you would like the link to take your viewer to.

Copy the address from the address bar of your browser and insert this after the colon remember that no spaces between the symbols and the words must be present or it will not work. (Note that your text can have spaces if you want it to)

Speechmark yourword speechmark colon webaddress (no spaces)

To make a bold clickable link when you have the code above working correctly insert a star * between the speech marks at the beginning and end of your clickable link.

This is the code

speechmark star yourword star speechmark colon webaddress (with no spaces)

Finally to make this a bulleted address insert a hash and a space before this code.

hash space speechmark star yourword star speechmark colon webaddress (with no spaces)

If you would like to add more bullet points just cut and paste the code changing yourword and the address as required.

hash space speechmark star another word star speechmark colon another webaddress (with no spaces)

I hope this has made formatting text in your work a little easier and helps your profile and work stand out from the crowd. If you have any observations or questions feel free to leave a comment or bubblemail me.

My profile shows examples of how thiis text should now look.

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