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Paul is a landscape photographer and Digital Artist based in Lancashire England specialising in Landscape and nature images.

Wedding Part Deux

The big day arrived and we were hoping for a nice breakfast and a gentle run-up to 3 o’clock, very shortly reality would kick-in and we would be running around like headless chickens.

We needed to deliver the wedding dress to Michelle’s apartment as it had been waiting nervously in the wardrobe in our hotel room, well away from the inquisitive eyes of the groom. We walked along Baker Street and onto Marylebone road, the sun was just breaking through the clouds and the forecast was for a nice day, the main thing out of our control had been arranged by a higher power!

Stepping over a heap of bridesmaids and their belongings we carefully placed the dress somewhere safe and welcomed the girls into consciousness on this bright and happy wedding day, we were glad to see that the bride to be had already gone to have her hair done.

The plans were slowly coming together, a cake needed to be transported to the reception venue…Windsor Castle… not THAT Windsor Castle, the pub halfway across London! We decided that we had enough hands to carry three tiers of cake and set off dodging the London traffic, the chirpy cockney taxi drivers and Japanese tourists…..

We arrived at Windsor Castle with a little over three hours to go and counting, the cake was still in three pieces and completely unharmed! Which was a huge relief, meanwhile the Windsor Castle servants were preparing the food for the masses which were due to arrive later that day………decorations!! The room hadn’t been decorated, so off we went in search of balloons, banners, hanging gardens of Babylon….in fact anything which could be found and used at such short notice.

Luckily the flower shoppe where Michelle and Mark had ordered flowers from was just across the road and also a short walk from the church so we decided to check out their selection of balloons and banners, they had a few which were ok but more importantly they asked us who was collecting the flowers for the church!! Mark was supposed to collect the flowers 2 hours earlier and as yet not arrived, a few phone calls were made and as we were deciding what to do one of the groomsmen Luke appeared, we decided to carry the flowers to the church. He did tell us that Marks phone was dead because he hadn’t charged the battery……

The flowers were gorgeous two huge sprays of cream and purple blooms, this is where my flower recognition skills end I am afraid, each spray 5ft tall in a bucket which contained water and possibly a dwarf star, judging by the weight.

They were big, no actually they were HUGE! I managed to get my arms around one of the buckets and Luke took the other one. We negotiated 500yards of Main Street being directed by my wife and sister so as not to end up head first in a bucket and become part and parcel of this mighty church decoration…… kerb……….duck, tree…… left….right a bit…..arrive with very wet trousers and arms.……another task successfully completed, albeit a little wetter than before. It was now almost 1pm and we needed to shower and get back to the brides flat and prepare for the wedding, we stopped and bought some sandwiches to eat and asked my sister if she could find banners, balloons etc

I took a shower which needs no further explanation or photographic evidence and we walked to the flat or chaotic scene of devastation as it should now be known. Make-up and mascara everywhere, clothes placed ready to be worn, hair being put up, or down and star trek playing to itself on TV……

I got myself ready which if you imagine superman walking into a telephone box, well I am faster than that…the girls took a little longer!

The wedding car arrived on cue and, the girls were getting more ready, I chatted to the driver for a while, finally after deciding which blusher goes with which lipstick the girls were ready and off they went in the car.

I was left with Michelle looking magnificent, my suit was freshly dry-cleaned and my new shirt and tie looked awesome…oh the bride, she looked amazing as well, I was a proud father and beginning to get a little nervous. We discussed if the veil was up or down and if she had everything for the day, I was passed keys, spare make-up, blackberry, rings, etc……we left for the church.

Michelle didn’t want to arrive too soon and we drove around the surrounding streets waving at tourists, we felt like royalty and it was fabulous. On arrival at the church a few photos were taken and the organist played as we waited to enter the church, with my daughter by my side I was a very proud father of the bride.

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