Sale number 3

I have been fortunate enough to have another sale, this time it was tall ships, a very big thank you to the buyer, I love this picture and I am going to buy one myself.

If you missed it click here:

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their comments, favour tings and messages about my work, it really does still give me a buzz to think people like my stuff.

I do like to comment as much as possible on other peoples work and learn new techniques, I hope that I am improving because from what I have seen everybody else is as well!

My final thanks is to the people of Redbubble who although this is a business they obviously care about art and artists, you have created an awesome community and an incredible service.

I hope success continues for each and every one of us and we will grow and prosper together.

Maybe I should consider hiring a Sales Executive to manage my earnings to date.

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