Sale, Feature and New Year

I know this is a little late but Happy New Year to everybody on Redbubble. I really hope that everybodys dreams come true in this new year.

I have been on and off redbubble the past couple of weeks due to having to perform my important duties as a father of two girls, that is being the taxi driver! and when one lives in London and the other at university in Edinburgh this taxi has been a little busy…stop the world I want to get off springs to mind, only for a few days though, wouldnt want to get bored.

I have managed to snap a few photographs as I zoom around and have uploaded a couple which I hope people have enjoyed, if you missed them they are Ullswater sunset and Golden Lining which is my presonal favourite shot of the year so far.

I have to thank the mystery buyer of a card which is my artwork Reflection of Perfection I do hope you are happy with the card when it arrives :)

I would also like to thank the Redbubblers Group for featuring my fun Redbubble tube station image, pictured below.

This is also available as a Tee Shirt design Redbubble Tube Station Tee Shirt

I will try to add more journals this year, maybe I can make that a resolution, ok I realise it is January 4th but it is better late than never.

I really wish everybody the best for this New Year bye for now and stay safe



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