Adding a Quick link from your profile to your Bubblesite

I have started work on my new bubblesite as most people are doing the same I thought it maybe a good idea to put a quick link to your bubblesite on your profile for people to easily follow.

The steps are pretty simple:

Navigate to edit your profile and in the About you box below any writing you have done enter the following code

  • which makes the text bold
    then the words Quick link to my Bubblesite
    then a "(speech mark)
    then the word here
    followed by a *(star) and a "(speech mark) then a :(colon)

next the tricky bit navigate to your bubblesite and copy the address from the address bar at the top of your browser eg mine is and insert after the :(colon) without a space!

Then click Save Changes

please note do not enter spaces where I have not told you to!

It should now look like this……..

Quick link to my Bubblesite "here":

Oh if you have followed the steps above and it works, take a look at my site and leave feedback on anything you like.

Hope this has helped.


ps I hope the code I entered dosnt totally screw up this journal entry lol ok the star didnt quite work, glad I wrote the word star :) ps the star symbol is on your mumber pad and used as the multiply symbol ;)

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