New Ideas

I have an idea, I realise that having two ideas in as many days is a remarkable occurrence but this is another photography related idea and will be my entry into the Europe section of the Real Photography Competition. When it is completed I hope it turns out as good as I imagine.

If nothing else joining RB has made me think more about my photography and that is testament to the other people here, their images and styles are unique. If I can learn to look at something in a new way and try to capture the feeling or moment and improve I am happy.

My most recent photograph uploaded was taken late in the evening yesterday, smoke was drifting across a reservoir close to where I live and in the evening sun a cloud of midges was caught in the sunlight. It was a moment where before I would have just walked past and not taken a second look, I stopped composed what I thought to be a good image and shot a few photos, I have posted the best one called ‘Smoke on the water’ It is a little surreal and not really my taste but it does seem to have something, thanks Linda and Cadence for your comments they are very much appreciated.

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