Some of the photographs I have seen are absolutely incredible, it is almost disheartening to see some peoples portfolios which are outstanding in their quality and quantity. I am feeling a little blown away by it all! As I have been told previously everyone has their own style and a good photograph means something different to everyone.

I do console myself with the thought that some people live in almost movie set areas of the world with stunning beauty and get an amazing sunset almost to order. It still takes a great deal of skill and that special something to make a photographic masterpiece in any situation.

Having said that I will take inspiration from others and try not to feel too overwhelmed.

I am now thinking more when I look through the viewfinder and am getting more acceptable images after a few hours out in the ‘wild’.

Maybe one day I will stumble across one of those movie sunsets and blow everyone away, until then I will learn and keep trying!

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